Study In Uganda!!

Study in Uganda!!

Uganda is a landlocked country in eastern Africa, which has been an independent nation state since freedom from British rule in 1962.

While in the past the nation struggled under the dictatorship of Idi Amin in the 1970s and civil war of the 1980s, the administration of Yoweri Museveni led to relative economic and political stability in Uganda. The main industries of Uganda are tobacco, cotton, sugar and textiles.

The landscape is one of the most beautiful in the world, and the spectacular Lake Victoria is a key tourist attraction to the country. Victoria is the largest lake in Africa, and the largest tropical lake in the world, named for the British monarch. At the centre of the Ugandan flag is the grey crowned crane, a bird found in the region and the national animal.

The largest city and national capital of Uganda is Kampala, which is an industrial and political centre with the largest airport in the country: Entebbe International Airport.

Kampala is also the location of the largest and most well-known institution of higher learning in Uganda: Makerere University. First established as a technical school in 1922, it has been an independent university in its own right since 1970. There are a variety of tribal languages in Uganda, but the official language is English which the most commonly spoken language across higher learning institutes and government.

The dominant religion in Uganda is Christianity, and many areas are socially conservative. Musician Chameleone, actor Bhasker Patel, and marathon runner Stephen Kiprotich all hail from the nation.

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