Communities of migrants, expats, refugees in Turkey

Human is not mended to survive alone and so they require communities of people who have something similar in them so that they can understand each other better and obviously when you are moving from one country to another you will always want to meet the people that belong to your community. So, here is some useful facebook groups for expats in Turkey.

Facebook Group 1: Expats in Turkey 

The group has 2,830 members as of 4th Jan 2020. This facebook group is made especially for foreigners living all over Turkey. The group is created 7 years ago. It is a private group you have to send join requests to see the posts.

Facebook Group 2: ~~~Expats in Turkey ~~~

This facebook group is public so you can easily see the posts and there is no need to sent a join group request. The group has 954 members as on 4th Jan 2020. The group was created back in 2007.

Facebook Group 3: Expat Communication and Activities in Turkey

The group is private and you have to send a join group request. The group is created in 2018. As of on 4th Jan 2020 it has 114 members.

Facebook Group 4: Pakistanis in Istanbul Turkey

This group is public and has 8,305members in total. This group is specially made for all Pakistanis living in Turkey and is formed in 2018.

Facebook Group 5: Expats in istanbul – Istanbul Expats – Expatriates of Istanbul

This is a public group with 15,339 members as on 4th Jan 2020. The group is formed in 2018 and is specially made for expats in Istanbul to give them information about the accommodation and social gathering.

Facebook Group 6: Istanbul Community for Expats & Foreigners

This is a public group with 4,402 members and is made in back in 2011.

Caritas in Turkey

Caritas in Turkey works with a variety of groups needing support: refugees, migrants, ill-treated women, children, the elderly, handicapped people, and minorities. Caritas Turkey helps to provide services in the fields of emergencies, health, education, social adjustment, and employment.

Directorate General of Migration Management

Directorate General of Migration Management is administrative, legislate and operational central-governmental authority responsible for overall migration and international protection affairs in Turkey. It is tasked with the coordination of international labor, education, health, social policy, and security.

Post by : Maitri Jha