Italy: Welfare And social Service


The social inclusion and income support measures in place at national and local level (by regional and local administrations), for people and  families that do not have the minimum resources to live.

Social assistance is guaranteed in the form of economic benefits and services funded by the taxpayer, at both national and local levels, using Regions and the Local Authorities resources, in order to promote social inclusion and income support based on principle of social solidarity.

  • The most important non-contributory service provided at national level by the INPS is the Social Allowance (Assegno Sociale).
  • The newly introduced Citizenship Guaranteed Minimum Income (Reddito di Cittadinanza) and Citizenship Guaranteed minimum Pension (Pensione di Cittadinanza) both replacing the former  Inclusion Income Support (ReI – Reddito d’Inclusione) in order to combat poverty, foster social inclusion and reintegration into work of the unemployed. Entitlement is conditional on the beneficiary’s income (means-tested) and pro-active job seeking.
  • Reference is also made to the List of Regional and Local Services to give information on social inclusion, family and income support services.


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