How To Apply For Asylum in France

Among all the countries France is considered one of the main asylum hosts. According to Wiki as in 2017, there have been 337,143 refugees registered in and up to the end of 2018, 20,710 new asylum seekers have been given legal status to reside in France.

If you have migrated to France and you want to seek asylum than you have to follow some important formalities and you might need some documents for verification.

First and the most important thing to know is that seeking asylum in France is a legal right that is admitted by the constitution of France. To apply for asylum in France first you have to report to a first reception center (Spada or Pada).

Before directly going to the prefecture or to the Ofpra (French office for the protection of refugees and stateless persons) you should first make a call to Ofii (French office for immigration and integration). The agent on call will ask you some questions like when did you came to France, the civil status of you and your family accompanying you and your state of health. Then they will send you a text message confirmation to the phone number that you give them, with the date and time of your Spada appointment.

How To Send Your Applications

The asylum seekers must have entered the French territory before they applied for the formal application otherwise the application could not be accepted. To reach the condition, applicators can either request for a special visa for asylum application from a French embassy/console or get a temporary visa up to 8 days at the crossing point of the French border. All the asylum seekers then have to register themselves as “asylum seekers” in a “GUDA“, which refers to a single-desk contact point and get a formal certificate that allows them to lodge the application form. 

List of the documents that you might need:

1) The document having Information to prove the civil status;

2) Apart from a legal entry visa, you should have documents that gave information about your legal entrance in French territory;

3) Also, they might ask some record your of traveling route from the origin country to France;

4) Where you are staying in France the current dwelling address. 

Then applicators would be able to formally apply for the asylum status. Also, applicators would need to write an explanation in French that clarifies the intention of seeking asylum in France.


Post By: Maitri