An Asylum Seeker In Australia? Apply For It!

In Australia seeking asylum requires refugee status. And also you should apply for security visa. For the Asylum given to the citizens. They should have refugee status. Apply For Asylum In Australia. People who are from outside of Australia. They can apply to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).  And the People who are in Australia. They can apply to the Department of Immigration.

Who are asylum seekers and refugees?

An asylum seeker is a person who fled their own country for some reason. And those who applied for protection as a refugee.

According to the Convention, a refugee is a person who is from outside.  And who is unable to return due to fear of persecuted because of their:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Nationality
  • membership of a social group
  • Political issue

Asylum seekers and the migrants

They generally have very different experiences. And the reasons for moving to a different country. Migrants choose to leave their country.

They choose where to go and when. They sometimes return to their home country. Refugees, so, flee from their country for safety.  And after that, they cannot return unless the situation improves.

To be eligible for the refugee visas:

  • You are from outside Australia (offshore).
  • You’re subject to persecution in your country.
  • You should meet the ‘compelling reasons’ criterion
  • Meet health documents
  • Character Certificate
  • National security rule

The visa pages have information about how to:

  • prepare for the travel to Australia
  • prepare for life in Australia
  • settle in the community

The status determination determines whether a person is recognizable or not. And it also allows for the entitlements and rights. In Australia, refugee status means someone who issued a protection visa.

Many people in Australia arrive with a valid visa. People who arrived in Australia without valid visas. They issue them with some of the temporary visas.

Enhanced screening process

Under the screening process.

  • An individual interviewed by the two officers from the Department.
  • If the Department determines that an individual raises  Australia’s obligations.
  • They are ‘screened in’ to the third processing regime.
  • If the Department determines that an individual does not raise Australia’s obligations.
  • Then they are ‘screened out’ of the protection process. And to their country of origin.

For the enhanced screening process. The Commission’s concerns about the whole process.

Rejoin the split family

If your family members are already living in Australia. They may help you to bring in Australia by ‘proposing’ your visa application.

This is known as the spouse ‘split family’ application. They give split family applications on the special considerations only.

The family member may include your:

  • Your Spouse
  • Dependent child or  the stepchild
  • The parent or  the step-parent