Apply For Asylum: China. Know Here!!

The office of UNHCR is in Beijing. It established in the 1980s. There have been refugees in China since then. Asylum seekers in China recognized and protected by the Chinese government. Apply For Asylum: China.

According to UNHCR, As of September 2013. The total number of refugees residing in China is about 301,383.

Indo Chinese: 300, 895

Asylum seekers: 332

Refugees: 166

The total population of persons: 301,383

Registration process-

To register for Refugee Status at the Beijing office is simple and easy.

You need for identification-

  • A passport
  • An ID card.

It determines your country of origin. It also determines how you got to China. After that, an appointment slip provided/issued to you. You have to wait for at least one or two months for it During the forming process, a guide book provided to you. You have to read it. To know the rights and limits of refugees in China. After that, an asylum certificate issued to you. A certificate is a form of an identification document. You can use it when you encounter a problem. On presenting your certificate to the police, you get released.

Apply For Asylum: China.

The validity of the certificate-

The validity of the certificate is two to three months. There is only one rule attached for the renewal of the certificate.  It introduced a few months ago. The applicant must register with the police. It should be at the public security bureau in the town.

Public Security Bureau-

The comforting option for the asylum seekers’ is to register at a local police station. They ensure your safety and protection. The security bureau gives the responsibility of protecting. It is both for Chinese and ex-pats. To register as a foreigner, you should have a resident. And also you should have a valid visa.

It is a member of the UNSC. It is not a country that sits in the back seat. When it comes to the issue of protecting the refugees.

Refugee and Asylum Issues

There is one article in the Exit and Entry Law. Refugees seekers in China are subject to the other provisions.

A.  Admission of Refugees and Handling Refugee Claims

Asylum Registration in China-

Official website in Chinese-

The difference between asylum and refugees under U.S. immigration laws.

Who should seek asylum status, and who should seek status?

  1. You can’t return to your country.
  2. Because you persecuted there in the past
  3. The reason you persecuted connects to one of five things:
  • Race
  • religion
  • Nationality
  • Membership in a social group
  • Your political opinion.

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