Apply For Asylum In Austria! Check Here!

In case, if someone is afraid to return to their country. Or the previous house is stateless.  Because you are in danger of suffering something harm. You are able to get protection in Austria. The very first step to receive the protection is to apply for asylum.

The asylum authorities review your request. And then decide in keeping with EU and Austrian legislation. Either you will give refugee status, subordinate security status, emergency right to remain. Or your request rejected by them. For further details on the various types of security which Austria may offer.

The Asylum Procedure

These are some steps you should know before you apply for Asylum in Austria.

  • Legal security applications need to submit either at the police station or with a police officer.
  • After the test, you also took to a specialist police force.
  • Where there will take the so-called “initial interview.”
  • Because they need to record your name, your fleeing path, and your motives for fleeing.
  • These are also questioned by the police force.

The Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum (BFA) will then forward the data to the police department.
The BFA will determine whether you get admitted to the normal asylum. Or whether another Western country handles reviewing your asylum application.
Before this decision, you also have to give an interview at the BFA.

In Case you are not admitted to the Austrian asylum-

  • You can also appeal the negative decision.
  • But within the specified time limit.
  • In this case, legal advice assist you

In Case you get admitted to the Austrian asylum procedure-

  • You must get residency permit.
  • You are also likely to move to a receiving center.
  • One of the Austrian Countries at this stage.
  • Then you also have an interview with the BFA Office.
  • That is your province where specific questions will ask from you.
  • Because they want to know about your reasons for leaving your country.

In case your application rejected-

  • You can also register a complaint against the judgment.
  • That determined by the Federal Administrative Court.
  • But that can within the time limit.
  • In this situation, legal advice assist you
  • All decisions made by the Austrian authorities
  • And tribunals in the asylum procedure.

This is the whole procedure to Apply for Asylum in Austria.