Apply For France Visa with a Ease

The Visa application process has been done very smoothly these days. Some of the countries offer online applications for visas and some offline. In the case of France, the visa application has to apply to the online portal.

Although the process is much simpler, you need some of the required documents. These documents are mandatory to get your application processed. The applicants need to apply through an online portal. You need to submit your form online and need to submit other various documents as well. The submission of the visa application includes form signed by you, valid passports. You must have the original copies of the documents which you uploaded on the system.

Fill out the France or Schengen visa application form

Important and Mandatory documents you need to submit along with your online application:

  • The most important and mandatory documents required for the visa process is Passport. You can also use any other travel document which is legal and provided by your country. The Passport must be valid for at least three months after your return date from Schengen Area. The document or passport must be in good condition and not issued before ten years.
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs needed in the specified format i.e, ISO/IEC (pdf).
  • For all the documents you need both original and photocopies. This will be depending on your situation and on which plan you have chosen.

Important: The documents must be in the French or English language. Documents that are in languages other than French or English need to presented in French. You may translate them into the English language but the French language is preferable.

Check whether your Country is eligible or not!

  • Before applying for the visa you also need to check whether your country is eligible for the visa or not. If your country is eligible, then you need to fill out the online application form. You will get various guidelines while filling the online application form. You can also get a demo for how to fill out the application form before filling the online application form.
  • Please keep a note of these things which you need to keep in mind while submitting or validating your form.
    • At the time of validating or printing your application, you’ll be asked to create your account. This will be your account which may use as the account for future reference.
    • This account will also save your partially or filled application form.
  • After completing the above steps you will receive a list of the required documents. Along with the documents list, you will also be able to book your appointment.
  • If your home country is not eligible for the visa application, then please check the appropriate procedure in your country. This page is available on the application page with your country.

There are different types of Visa Category available:


  • Touristic Visit
  • Business Meeting/Commerce
  • Conference/Seminar/Meeting
  • Festival/Fair/Exhibition
  • Official Visit


  • Assigned for duty
  • Courier


  • Internship Visa
  • Course Purpose
  • Education Purpose