Asylum Ireland

Applying For Asylum In Ireland? Here’s a brief description!!

Are you going to stay in Ireland or wishing to get asylum in Ireland? There are certain documents that you need to carry while applying for asylum. One can apply for asylum only if you are in Ireland. Ireland is one of the amazing countries to live in but, the living here is a bit expensive as compared to other European countries. Here, in this guide, you will find the procedure for how to apply for asylum or protection. Some information provided here may vary by the time if there is a change in rules and regulations.

Procedure for claiming Refugee status or Asylum!!

How and where to apply for Asylum in Ireland?

You can apply for asylum in Ireland only if you are present in the country. One cannot apply for asylum outside the country. You need to apply for asylum at the International Protection Office (IPO). You can apply for asylum at the airport or ferry port as well while entering Ireland. There are some details which you need to provide to IPO or the immigration officer. You need to go to the IPO office in less than five days, or your application will get refused. You may find the list of the registered offices of IPO here.

After applying for asylum, the International Protection Office (IPO) will review and process your application. If your application got successful, then the decision will be taken by the Minister of Justice. This process may take much time in some cases sometimes it may take weeks, and months, as well. For the time being, your application is in processing the applicants are allowed to stay in the country.

Who can apply for Refugee Status?

People living in Ireland are liable for asylum if they have a fear of persecution in their own country. Your relatives will also get into consideration if you apply for asylum. As per the document, you can also add your dependents, if any. The dependencies may include your husband/wife, or girlfriend and kids.

Firstly, you need to complete two interview rounds after you get your application approved. You will need to submit your records and evidence for your Identity proof at the time of the first interview. You may use a Passport, plane fares, or any other documentation to get yourself registered. You ought to have the initial records ready and available at the time of the interview. You should even turn up with your family for this interview. The application form needs to get filled after passing out the interview and submit it to the IPO. Please keep this in mind that if you won’t be able to come to the interview, then your asylum claim will get rejected.

Primary Provision is a scheme of “living centers” operated by for-profit lodging and catering under contract with the Irish Government. Founded in 1999 in reaction to what was, for Ireland, a high volume of applicants for asylum — more than seven thousand that year, and more than ten thousand the next year — Direct Provision is just as its name indicates: a mechanism for offering support directly to individuals, in the form of room and board. People seeking foreign aid obtain financial support in most European countries so that they can remain in that country while their application is pending; along the way, they study the country’s language and culture.

Under Special Rule, however, asylum seekers remain in housing centers they happen to be assigned to with other asylum seekers. Each center has a different past, a former convent in Waterford, a complex of tiny coastal row houses outside Dublin; a former student dormitory in central Dublin. Some centers only hold men, some only women, some whole households, and some a combination of two groups or more. The largest center holds nearly 600 people, the smallest less than 100.

A person who expresses an intention to request protection — either by approaching an immigration officer at an airport or by calling officials within Ireland — is given an initial questionnaire to complete, and then fingerprinted, photographed, and sent to what is called a reception center at the end of a long bureaucratic day. Usually, it is Balseskin, a purpose-built dormitory in Dublin’s outer suburb. People spend here several days, or a few weeks, or, in extreme cases, several months, before heading to more permanent shelters.

The second or substantive interview round, your interview will be a personal interview. You need to appear for this interview alone without any of your family members. In this interview round, you need to explain why you need asylum. Some other questions like why you got prosecuted in your own country and why you afraid to go back to your country.

After completing both the interviews, IPO will review your application. Your application may take six months for getting approval for refugee status. There may be some circumstances where the period may be more than six months.

In case if your application got refused you can also appeal the decision. You can lodge your complaint to the International Protection Appeals Tribunal (IPAT). You can get more information here.