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How to apply for asylum in Austria? Refugees in Austria

In case if someone is afraid to return to their country. Or the last house is stateless.  Because you are in danger of suffering something harm. You can get protection in Austria. The very first step to receive security is to apply for asylum.

The asylum authorities review your request. And then decide in keeping with EU and Austrian legislation. Either you will give refugee status, subordinate security status, emergency right to remain. Or your request rejected by them.

For further details on the various types of security which Austria may offer.

How to apply for asylum in Austria?

These are some steps you should know before you apply for Asylum in Austria.

  • Legal security applications need to submit either at the police station or with a police officer.
  • After the test, you also took to a specialist police force.
  • Where there will take the so-called “initial interview.”
  • Because they need to record your name, your fleeing path, and your motives for fleeing.
  • The police force also questions these.

The Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum (BFA) will then forward the data to the police department.
The BFA will determine whether you get admitted to the normal asylum. Or whether another Western country handles reviewing your asylum application.
Before this decision, you also have to give an interview at the BFA.

In Case you are not admitted to the Austrian asylum-

  • You can also appeal the adverse decision.
  • But within the specified time limit.
  • In this case, legal advice assists you.

In Case you get admitted to the Austrian asylum procedure-

  • You must getresidency permit.
  • You are also likely to move to a receiving center.
  • One of the Austrian Countries at this stage.
  • Then you also have an interview with the BFA Office.
  • That is your province, where specific questions will ask from you.
  • Because they want to know about your reasons for leaving your country.

In Case your application rejected-

  • You can also register a complaint against the judgment.
  • The Federal Administrative Court determined that.
  • But that can within the time limit.
  • In this situation, legal advice assist you
  • All decisions made by the Austrian authorities
  • And tribunals in the asylum procedure.

Where to seek help?

In Austria, the only public body which decides asylum application. And the related procedures are the Federal Office for Migration and Asylum (BFA).
The BFA headquarters are in Vienna.  And has branch offices in all nine Austrian provinces. If you click on this link for the respective areas, you can find the contact details in German.
See the BFA’s official Brochure, which also includes a rundown of the asylum. And proceedings, for more detail on the BFA and its tasks.

Asylum Process counseling

In all nine Austrian provinces, there are several NGOs. These provide legal advice in the asylum procedure: 
Free legal advice from one of two legal organizations is provided. These are ARGE Rechtsberatung and the Verein Menschenrechte Österreich (VMÖ). These allocated to all aisle seekers obtaining a refusal decision. In making an appeal to the Federal Administrative Court.
The designated legal advisor supports asylum seekers. They also represent themselves in the appeal proceedings. But upon request and go with asylum seekers in the event the court decides.

The BFA Directorates in all 9 Provinces offer important advice. That is with regard to the asylum procedure. It is supported by the Association for Human Rights Austria. Please see here for more information.

A detailed list of organizations offering legal, educational, accommodation, and psychological. Their support can be found on the website of the Austrian NGO Asyl Coordination.

About Detention

Several detention facilities located in Austria. If a person held for more than a week in detention. the three largest PAZ sites are there in Vienna. These are PAZ Rossauer Lände, Hernalser Gürtel, and Styria Vordernberg.
  • PAZ Rossauer Lände: Roßauer Lände 9, 1090 Wien
  • PAZ Hernalser Gürtel: Breitenfelder Gasse 21, 1080 Wien
  • AHZ Vordernberg: Hauptstraße 162, 8794 Vordernberg

Persons in custody have access to free legal consultation.  The appendix to the decision in custody tells them who is in charge of their Case. Legal advisors notify prisoners of the legal situation.  And also assist them in an appeal with the Court against a detention order.

Organizations regarding counseling

  1. Centers in Vienna
2. Centers in Vordernberg

Emergency Contacts Details

Gender or sexual violence:

  • If you need sexual or gender-based violence assistance.
  • You may call 0800 222 555 (all information you share will be treated confidentially!).
  • This information is available at the following hotline.

Human trafficking:

  • You can call the 24/7 human trafficking number 0677 6134343

Finding missing relatives:

  • You can contact the Austrian Red Cross Tracing Services.
  • The Austrian province, if you have lost touch with your family members.
  1. For medical emergencies, please dial 144
  2. To reach the police, please dial 133.

  3. For file assistance, please dial 122.

Education In Austria

An extensive study on Austria’s education system published by UNHCR. It is in German, Dari, Arabic.
Please contact the Public Employment Service (AMS). In Case you get protection in Austria. And if you are looking for work in Austria also. And you get the programs “More than One Viewpoint”.

Rights as an asylum seeker

Wherever you are in the phase of asylum, you will have the following rights:
  • You have the right to access documents in a language you understand.
  • You get entitled to basic aid, including shelter and food.
  • Usually, you live in Austria until your application gets determined.
  • It can be by the asylum authority and the judge.
  • It means while you await the final decision on asylum.
  • You can not return to another country.
  • Please contact a reputable therapy agency for specific details on your Case.

Obligations as an asylum seeker

You must follow and obey national laws. 
  • It would help if you cooperated with the authorities in Austria.
  • The Austrian authorities collect the money you are carrying with you.
  • You can only take up to 840, but.
  • This money can be used to cover part of the hotel expenses.
  • You have the right to issue the remaining amount.
  • If all the money is not enough to cover the costs of your lodging.
  • Please contact a legal advisor for more information.
Data storage devices you bring with you. And to process the stored data to find out your identity to Austria can be taken. By the Austrian authorities upon your asylum application. The devices returned to you as early as possible.
After the data processing completes.
Any time your address changes, you must contact the asylum office immediately.
The authorities of that country give you a return when you leave for another country.
It is not possible to move to another province. This also occurs if protection is already given to you. But your refugee status request is still pending before the Administrative Court.

You may need to inform the staff or the owner of your accommodation if you leave your facility for more than 48 hours.

Children are usually allowed to go to school. You may visit people in other provinces of Austria. But you can not live in another province of Austria. You get the same access as Austrian citizens to primary healthcare.

Rights as Recognised Refugee

  • You have access to work, training, healthcare, and social protection.
  • The social welfare level that you receive depends on the province.
  • Note that the social welfare protection recipients are not provided by all provinces.
  • A travel document allowing you to visit other countries.
  • As a refugee, you receive a three-year house permit.
  • The permit of the house was renewed automatically.
  • Please see here for further information on the general requirements for Austrian citizenship.
  • You will receive a one-year house permit.
  • If you receive subsidiary protection.
  • You can apply for a renewal of your license.

Obligations as Recognised Refugee

  • You must respect and follow the laws of the country.
  • In violation of domestic laws, your rights as a protection holder can suspend.
  • Austria must be your top country of house.
  • You must have a house certificate.
  • An integration agreement must be signed.
  • You sign this agreement to join Austria, learn German, and respect the rules of your country. 

Family Reunification

The protection of the family unit is an essential human right. Suppose you get separated from your family members. They may join you in Austria under particular conditions. Suppose your family members are still outside the EU. They may be able to join you if you have granted protection.

Recognized as refugee

Your husband or wife can join you, as can your children. Your kids must be unmarried. And must not be over 18 years old. Your parents and siblings under 18 can join you in Austria. If you are under 18 years of age.
There is a separate family reunification process:
  • A request is must be submitted to your family at an Austrian embassy.
  • In three months from your official refugee recognition.
  • You must begin or start this process.
  • It is enough to apply to the embassy.
  • Here you can find the application form.
  • Please contact the Austrian Red Cross for help in submitting this application.

Recognized as in need of subsidiary protection

Family members of subsidiary protection beneficiaries may request family reunification. But only three years after subsidiary protection. You can approach the Austrian Red Cross for advice. If you are under 18 or have children in other countries, who have urgent medical problems or soon turn 18.

Entered under the Resettlement program

if your family joins you in the context of a resettlement program. You must submit your application within three months of your asylum decision.  It is the same procedure as for recognized refugees. And your family members do not have an option.  For another resettlement program to apply for family reunification.


Resettlement helps the refugees to and enter the country.
The resettlement is the move from an asylum. From the country of refugees to another nation. That has agreed to accept and finally gives them a residency permit. But, only a small number of places are available. Even more, people want to move every year than there are suitable sites.
There is no right to transfer. The number of resettlement sites and the countries to which individuals admitted. Each country decides them. A total of 400 Syrian refugees get refugee status from Austria. That is in the years 2016 and 2017. Austria did not confirm the resettlement admission program for 2018.
A set screening process is in place to decide. That includes in the relocation program. UNHCR investigates cases under such conditions. And then recommends admission to Austria for particularly vulnerable citizens.
The authorities in Austria have the final say on who admit to the program. In Austria, the UNHCR Office is not responsible for resettlement selections. For those who already live in Austria, there are no relocation programs. To move to another state such as Canada or the USA.
Voluntary Return
As soon as you do not feel afraid of persecution, many refugees will like to go home. In theory, it is possible at any time to return from Austria. There are many reasons why people volunteer while their proceedings are in progress. Please contact one of the following organizations. If you intend to return to your home country: Caritas and VMÖ.

Voluntary returns safety and integrity should always make and based on informed judgment. So contacting the return consultancy company is vital for extra details.

Individuals who’ve refused an asylum application. Must leave Austria after some time. But in a given time, they still have the option of leaving. It gets returned to their country of origin. Only if anyone does not leave. The Republic of Austria helps citizens who want to return to their country. If you do not have the financial means to go, you may apply for help.
More information on resettlement services are on Federal Immigration and Asylum Office website.

Role UNHCR in Austria

The Austrian government must process applications. For the asylum and to determine if protection is offered in Austria. So, UNHCR does not register refugees in Austria. UNHCR is not for reviewing asylum applications. And United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights does not issue refugee papers. Also, UNHCR does not engage in refugee accommodation. It is the responsibility of the government.
In Austria, the UNHCR tracks compliance by the government. Also, with international refugee law requirements. To that end, we work with legal advisors of NGOs, judges, BFA, and the tribunals.
UNHCR supports rapid access. And appropriate asylum procedures but can not control the Austrian authorities. The UNHCR also partners with NGOs, schools, and youth groups.  In raising awareness of refugee issues.
Under it, no person therapy was provided in Austria. Free legal advice in specialist consultation organizations, accessible for asylum-seekers and refugees. The UNHCR cooperates with these organizations and, if necessary, will alert us.

Contact Details

UNHCR Austria
PO Box 550
1400 Vienna

Phone: +43 (0)1 – 260 60 4048



Some groups provide volunteer advice.

It is the whole procedure to Apply for Asylum in Austria.