How to Apply for Asylum in Bulgaria

Asylum is when another country grants protection to people, who are feeling unsafe in its own country. Anyone, from any country, can seek asylum in Bulgaria when they feel a threat to his/her life or safety. An asylum application, submitted either to the Specialized Asylum Administration or state authority. This will refer to the SAR immediately. Let’s see how to apply for Asylum in Bulgaria.

How to apply

  1. Submit an application to SAR
  2. Attend asylum interview. You will be also asked to provide detailed information about your asylum application.

Important note

  1. International protection is only granted if you can prove you are unable to receive protection in your country of origin. If there is a safe place for you to go within your country, they denied your international protection.

Subsidiary protection

humanitarian protection is offer to those who have sought asylum but do not qualify for a status. Granted when there is a real risk of serious harm for you, including:

  • Death penalty 
  • Any type of Torture
  •  degrading treatment or punishment
  • The serious and personal threat of violence in your country of origin.

If you get subsidiary protection, then:

  • you get a card of a foreign national that is valid for 3 years.

You will have the rights of a foreigner in Bulgaria with a permanent house permit. These include entitlement to:

  • Jobs without a particular permit
  • Education at state and university institutions
  • Reunification of family
  • Bulgarian citizenship in five years ‘ time
  • Travel abroad-
  •  Provide proof of your medical insurance and financial means of subsistence for your stay over the period planned.


People granted as a refugee or humanitarian status, and status will not have an end date. Issue both documents by the Ministry of the Interior, the Directorate of Bulgarian, based on an asylum authority ‘s decision. The document will be usually issued within 30 days. However, You can pay within 10 days for speedier delivery. It has to be re-renewed after your document expires. Your refugee status will be upheld. 

How long it takes

Getting a decision generally takes six months. If your request for status is get rejected then it will be going to consider for subsidiary protection. If this happens, the decision-making deadline gets extended to another 9 months. The entire process has to finish within 21 months. Your ID documents will be also kept in SAR during the application process. Although, If you have a justifiable reason to request your national passport back, you must file a request with SAR. 


However, If finds that you have committed serious, non-political crimes or acts of extreme cruelty, SAR may reject your application. If your application gets rejected, you may lodge an appeal within 14 days from the decision date. You should find an attorney to help with the appeal. In this way, people who want to apply for asylum in Bulgaria can easily apply by going through this article.


Support for vulnerable groups

Also, you might have more chances to get asylum in Bulgaria if you belong to a vulnerable group. Learn more: