Banks in South Korea

After a sturdy recovery from pandemic shock, the prognosis for the Korean financial sector is steady, according to Moody’s. The Korean sovereign rating of Aa2 with a stable outlook reflects these very solid fundamentals. Even yet, growing government debt, an ageing population, and the threat of a military conflict with North Korea will continue to be obstacles.

Below is the list of South Korea’s Top Banks for anyone seeking a career in banking can help you get started. See our list of financial institutions for additional information.

Shinhan Financial Group

Shinhan Financial Group was formed in 1897 as Hanseong Bank and was the first bank in South Korea. There are four main divisions of the bank’s business: Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, International Banking and Other Banking

In South Korea, the firm has 723 branches and 29 private wealth management service centres, as well as 14 branches in foreign countries, all of which are headquartered in Seoul. It has a workforce of 13,000 people.

Headquarters: Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Founded: 1 September 2001, Seoul, South Korea

NongHyup Financial Group

It was a combination between Agricultural Bank and Agricultural Federation that established NongHyup Financial Group in 1961. Mortgages, personal lines of credit (PLCs), commercial real estate financing, and new technology financing services are all provided by the group’s subsidiaries. Other options include property and casualty insurance, life, and health insurance.

Headquartered in Seoul, Korea Development Bank now employs about 13,400 people in its 1 135 branch offices and 4,786 branches managed by its cooperative members.

Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea

Founded: 1961

KB Financial Group

South Korea’s largest financial holding firm has its headquarters in Seoul and provides financial services through its subsidiaries. Retail Banking Operations, Corporate Banking Operations, Other Banking Operations, Credit Card Operations, Investment and Securities Operations, and Life Insurance Operations make up the group’s different business sectors, according to the company.

Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea

Founded: 2001

Korea Development Bank

In 1954, the Korea Development Bank was established in Seoul, South Korea. This financial institution offers deposit products, corporate banking products, investment banking products, and international banking products as well as other financial services.

Because KDB bank is one of the world’s top 61 banks, it not only helps expand strategic industries but also helps struggling firms get back on track through restructuring and provides financing for strategic development initiatives.

Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea

Founded: 1954