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When we wake upright in the morning before we go to sleep, our hands are still up and off! We all look after our skin and choose the finest of ingredients to maintain it smooth and beautiful. But our hands are still worthwhile to relax and be tender! Good hand treatment is important to maintain them smooth and young. The role of a hand-hydrating lotion is evident. Hand creams have not only a moisturizing effect. But also maintain healthy nail cuticles.

A healthy hand cream takes on much greater significance during the dry winter season. Then we need a dose of food for our dry or cracked palms. So today we look at some of the Indian market’s finest hand creams. Continue and read to learn more!

1. Mamaearth Hand Cream


Enjoy rejuvenation as your hands get natural treatment! The hand cream is designed to keep your hands nourished for a long time. It also has vitamin C which brightens the skin. Also, shea butter provides 10x moisturization.

Quick Absorption

It gets Absorbs in an eye’s blink! The hand cream is very light and does not develop any layer. It makes the palms are soft and shiny.

It kills 99% of GERMS

A hydrating hand cream that removes germs! Hand cream moisturizes and prevents by removing 99 percent of the germs. It has microbes with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial additives.


Hand cream made from natural ingredients. It is free from sulfates, parabens, SLS, oil, artificial preservatives, and colors.

Suitable for all types of skins

It is a dermatologically checked hand cream. It is appropriate for every kind of skin.

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2.  Dot & Key Hand Cream



  • Hand cream with two advantages of hand hydrating and moisturization.
  • It Contains hydrated active ingredients and antibacterials that protect germs.
  • It comes with a recipe that has no alcohol. Drying of the hands thus provides a nourishing hand sanitary
  • Rose geranium containing a calming scent moisturizes the skin. Also, have ingredients for hand-hydrating such as shea butter and jojoba oil
  • This hand cream is clean and soft on the skin and does not contain any nasty chemicals.


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3. Wow Skin and Hand Cream

  • The rose hand and nail cream of Himalayan is a revitalizing cream. It moisturizes rough, dry hands and smooth, fragile, and with a non-greasy feel.
  • The rose hydrosols, tucuma butter, shea butter, and vitamin e are injected into it.
  • These dryness and skin repair measures tend to make the hands clean and soft.
  • It strengthens your nails from failure and softens your nail bed. To reinforce your nails and give them a natural shine. Still keep your hand feeling new and smooth.







4. Neutrogena Women Hand Cream

  • It is a concentrated product. The Norwegian Formulation Hand Cream is cured by dry hands.
    A dab soothing dry, torn hands
  • This hand cream, which is used by both men and women.
  • It enhances the look and feels of the skin.
  • Long-lasting, concentrated, glycerin-rich. Up to 24 months of shelf life.Country of Origin: Korean Republic