Best home theater system in uk

Best home theater system in uk

If you’re building or upgrading a home theatre, here’s a quick checklist of what you’ll need. Before you read this, go out and spend your money.
A well-designed and constructed home theatre will entertain you for countless hours. Also, in the comfort of your own home with your family and friends.
If you’re a family of five going to the cinema, you’ll spend between $50 and $75 to get there. And that’s before you put in popcorn and soda. How many times do you have to spend $100? Or more at the movies before having your own private home theatre becomes appealing?
Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering building a home theatre:

What you should look for in a home theatre system?

1. A television or a projector with a screen
You’ll miss out on a lot of the action if you don’t have the right picture. The projector is the way to go if you want the full cinema experience with large screen size. If you don’t have the space for a projector and screen, an HDTV is the next best thing. Without a doubt, any projector or television you buy should be 1080p. For watching fast action, a TV should have at least 120hz video processing. Many projectors and fully featured televisions have 3D capability.
2. Speakers with surround sound
For a full home theatre system, the picture is half of the equation. Although sound makes up half of the home theatre experience, many people overlook its importance. If you want to do a good job with your home cinema, you’ll need at least 5.1 surround sound. There are three front speakers (left, center, and right), two surround speakers (back left and back right), and one subwoofer. The front speakers still produce the majority of the sound. So if you’re going to spend money on speakers, make sure you prioritize the front three channels.

Some premium gadgets to have if you want a luxury home theater:

ELEPHAS Projector, GC333 Portable Projector with 4500 Lumens and Full HD 1080p, 180” Display and 50000 Hours Lamp Life LED Video Projector, Compatible with USB/HD/Sd/Av/VGA for Home Theater, White


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Other 4 inch projectors are 2x brighter. Are you going for a projector with a 4-inch screen and twice the brightness? The brightness of the ELEPHAS Mini projector is 2x that of a 4inch projector. A full HD 1080p projector with a 180″ display is available. Makes your viewing experience more immersive by projecting a wide glow onto the wall from your projector. After a long day, treat yourself to a splendid visual feast.

Logitech Z333 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System 

The Z333 wired multimedia speakers provide loud, deep, clear sound for your music, movies, and games, with 80W peak power and 40W RMS sustained power.
Deep, detailed sound is provided by the subwoofer and large 5-inch front-firing driver included in this multimedia speaker system, which adds intensity to whatever you’re listening to – with a control panel on the back.
Custom Audio Control: This portable PC multimedia speaker system includes a control pad with power and volume controls, as well as a convenient headphone jack for listening in private.