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Best Hospitals in Russia

Healthcare in Russia is funded by the state through the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund and governed by the Ministry of Health. Since 1996, the Russian Federation Constitution has given all citizens the right to free healthcare. In 2008, the Russian healthcare sector also hired 621,000 physicians and 1,3 million, nurses. Lets read more about hospitals in Russia.

Hospitals in Russia

The number of hospitals in Russia declined steadily over the period observed, declining by 1000 since 2010. There were 5.3,000 hospital organizations working countrywide in 2018. The density of hospital beds, calculated as their number per 10,000 population, has also decreased in the last decade.

1. V.A Baranov Republican Hospital, Russia

This State-owned hospital provides the citizens of the Republic of Karelia with multidisciplinary medical services. This hospital opened in 1951, named after its first chief physician, Vasiliy Aleksandrovich Baranov.

 The hospital served more than 21,000 patients annually and has provided advice for more than 94,000 patients.


2. Research Institute of Cardiology, Tomsk

The Cardiology Research Institute is a scientific complex focused on the practice of cardiological and cardiac surgery.

It is a highly specialized institution, where people from the Urals to Sakhalin came here to test and treat their cardiac system.


3. Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital, Moscow

Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital is a state-owned hospital operated since 1985. It is the largest children hospital in Russia and has more than 1000 beds. Located in the center of Moscow, its service reaches even out of the borders of Russia. Annually, this hospital treated more than 18.000 children from all across the country and beyond.

4. Perovskite Vorota Medical Center, Moscow

This hospital is located in the heart of Moscow. Comprising more than 30 medical areas, this hospital will provide anyone with all kinds of health facilities ranging from basic health treatment, health consultation, emergency room, lab tests, and many more.

This hospital holds some of Russia ‘s finest medical care. It has top-notch medical support equipment and the doctors are highly trained to provide you with a good medical diagnostic service. Because also, most (if not all) of them know English very well, so contact is not going to be foreigners’ problems. lLearnrussianlanguage.net

some more:

Address:Shosse Entuziastov 51 , Moscow 105568 , Russia.
Address:Shchelkovskaoe shosse 61 , Moscow 107241 , Russia.
Address:Stroitelnaya str.27 , Moscow 142703 , Russia.
Address:Shvernika str.13 build 1 , Moscow 117449 , Russia.

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