Malls in Germany You Must Visit

Germany the heart of Europe is the seventh-largest country in Europe. Berlin is the capital of the country and the country has a population of over 83 million people. Germany is famous for its Oktoberfest, car brands, football, and many other things. If you are planning to visit Germany and you love shopping then you must have a look at some malls in Germany?? Below, is a short brief about the top 3 malls you must visit in Germany. 

1. Das Schloss (Berlin)

The mall has all the brand outlet and the visitor captured a mesmerizing experience. Also, visitors are surrounded, palm trees, gold, sculptures and stunting light projections. The mall has a galleria and ocean-theme that fully immerses visitors. There are sounds of ocean scents and whale songs to give the complete scene. This mall has ceiling animations that keep changing according to the season. The mall has four levels. The mall offers everything from fashion for men and women to electronics items. There are cafés, bakeries, and banks in the mall.

Location: Schloßstraße 34, 12163 Berlin( Germany)

Opened: 16 March 2006

Hours:  Opens 10 AM

Phone: +49 30 66691227

2. CentrO Oberhausen

The mall has an American style and it is the biggest shopping mall in Germany. The CentrO Oberhausen is located in Oberhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia. There is also a theater and a children’s activity area in the mall. The CentrO Oberhausen has 177 stores and 48 restaurants. You will get everything from medicine, pharmacy to sports and fashion essentials. The malls have all the things you need to spend some quality time with o friends or even if you go alone.

Location: CentrO-Promenade 555, 46047 Oberhausen(Germany)

Opened: 12 September 1998

Hours: Opens at 10 AM 

3. Prinzipalmarkt (Münster)

The mall is among one of the historic market places of Germany. The place has several shops in a row and it is also surrounded by the St. Lambert’s Church. The ancient place has beautiful architecture with a pedestrian. The place is perfect to find special gifts or clothing items. There are some amazing cafes nearby so that you can spend a good time. Prinzipalmarkt is there in Germany even before the second world war and it has been reconstructed in 1958.

Location: MÜNSTER MARKETING, Klemensstraße 10, 48143 Münster

Phone: +49(0)2 51/4 92-27 10

Source:, wiki

Post By: Maitri Jha