Most Used Means of Transportation in Turkey

 Most used means of transportation in Turkey are:

  • Trains and Trams 
  • Motorbikes 
  • Renting a Car 

Turkey, being one of the largest countries in the world. It offers an extensive and wide network of transportation. 

Turkey is one of the best places for sightseeing. Indeed, it also offers one of the best transport options. You can enjoy a wide range of transportation in Turkey. The transportation varies from buses, rental cars, bikes to luxurious seaplanes. Here are all the things which you need to know about getting around Turkey.

Means of transportation that you can use in Turkey are: 

A Car

“Renting a car in Turkey? You must be crazy!” That’s the most typical reply anyone will get from those who have already tried it.

When you have nerves full of steel, a bottomless pit of patience and a penchant for honking the horn. Surely, then driving in Turkey will be an enjoyable experience. But, If you opt for this adventure, you must keep certain things in mind drive with safety. Also, the rare use of a turn signal could mean the complete opposite of what you think it does. But, if you have the desire to travel everywhere in a car then you must follow up on yours.

Renting a car is relatively easy as long as you have a means of ID, such as your passport and driver’s license. Most travelers from Europe and North America can use their own country’s driver’s license. They don’t need an international driving. But, it is always better to check with your rental car company ahead of time to be sure.

Trains and Trams

Trains are not that much popular in Turkey. The most of travelers and the average resident don’t travel through trains. Also, the networks which are serving in the city are very much extensive. But, cities such as Izmir, Istanbul, and Ankara are about to undergo a massive overhaul.

There are many high speed-train line projects, such as Ankara-Sivas, Ankara-Bursa, and Ankara-Izmir. All these projects are said to be completely working by 2023. 


Motorbikes are also one of the best ways to observe the beauty of nature. The motorbikes are also known for a thrill. Scooters and motorbikes are the favorites for young and adventurous travelers. They are comparatively inexpensive and easy to rent. A popular rental is an electric scooter. Roaming around the city on bike is also cheap and affordable. This means of transportation is becoming one of the main forms of transport for Turks. 

Flying to and Around Turkey

Turkish Airlines is the one that has the best Business Class products in the world. It also has excellence in the economy, flies just about everywhere. This airline also offers several unique amenities that other airlines don’t have. It all begins at bargain prices while participating in the biggest and best global alliance. This airline offers a wide range of flights that perfectly fits your budget and schedule. Turkey is a very easy place to navigate by plane. Even the Turks, who traditionally prefer to travel by road, are now more intrested in flying more. The reason for this transition is clear as the flight takes ten times less time to travel. As, a flight from Izmir to Istanbul takes just one hour, compared to a bus ride that can take up to 10 hours. There is a very well saying “Time is Money”, and today everyone wants to save their time. 


Post By: Shubham Sharma