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Colombia has an equatorial climate and therefore does not have dramatic seasonal changes; however, some times of the year can be better than others to visit. For the least chance of rain, the best time to visit is either between December and March or June and September. Bear in mind that the higher the altitude, the lower the temperature.

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Seasons and Weather

Colombia’s location near the equator results in a tropical climate with relatively constant climatic conditions throughout the year. However, the climate does vary across the country due to the variation in topography with tropical rainforests, mountains and savanna all found in Colombia.

The best time for the country as a whole is between December and March as it rains the least during these months, especially in the Andean regions. This is Colombia’s peak tourist season and prices soar.


To help plan your visit to Colombia, here’s an overview of the festivals and events taking place over the year. This is by no means an exhaustive list so if you are thinking of heading to Colombia outside of these dates and want to know what’s on, check out a more comprehensive list here.Image result for seasons and festivals of colombia

August 1st week  – Medellin Flower Festival (Medellin)
September – October  – San Pacho Festival (Quibdó)
December last week of December – Cali Fair (Cali)


February mid – Barranquilla Carnival (Barranquilla)
April 2nd week- Semana Santa (countrywide)
June – July – Ibague Folk Festival (Ibague)

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  1. High Season in Colombia
    In Colombia, the peak season is mainly from December to March, which is considered a dry season. Tourists from all over the world flock to the country to enjoy their holidays. This season is quite expensive for tourists. Do remember that it rains throughout the year in the Pacific region due to its location.
  2. Shoulder season in Colombia Shoulder season for the tourists is a time when the crowd starts to thin out a bit. This is one of the best times actually to explore the country. In Colombia, this is generally the second dry season which lasts from July to September. In most parts of the country, you will find little to no rainfall at this time.
  3. Offseason in Colombia The offseason is the time when a place is generally free from the tourists. This is also the time when you can get things for the cheapest. The offseason in Colombia lasts during the rainy seasons. The months include April to June and also from October to November.

Colombia Weather December to March

  • December to March is the peak tourist season in Colombia, and the prices soar everywhere. In addition to being sunny and warm, this period receives the least amount of rainfall except for the Amazon region, making it the dry season.
  • The months of January to March are quite busy for Colombians as they get an influx of tourists from all over the world.  The prices of things and accommodations do skyrocket.

Key Events in Colombia
• Christmas is an important time that is full of fun and frolic.
• Cali Fair starts from the day of Christmas Eve and continues till the 30th of December. It is one of the most popular festivals in Colombia.
• Carnaval de Blancos y Negros takes place in January, and it is considered as a post-Christmas bash.
• Carnaval de Barranquilla is a carnival that takes place 40-days before Easter, and it is the second biggest carnival after Rio de Janeiro.

Colombia Weather in April to June

Colombia faces its first rainy season from April to June. You will definitely face frequent rains if you visit Colombia during this time. So, do not forget to carry your umbrella along with you. But the rains to give way to a bright day afterward. Do remember that the temperature may change according to the altitude of your location.

Colombia Weather in October-November

October and November are the months which do bring a lot of rain to Colombia. Any tourist will find themselves to be amidst sudden downpours if they decide to visit the country during this time.

Colombia Weather in July-September

The months of July to September is again considered a dry spell in Colombia when less rainfall is seen. It is the shoulder season for tourists when they can enjoy the different destinations once again. September is a great time to visit the Amazon River.


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