Best Wireless Mouse Under 1000 Rupees!

You should get delighted with the relief of buying a wireless mouse. Because it would take you to the table when you’re at work while you battle a wired mouse. Many people do have a computer. Whether a PC or laptop connected with a wireless mouse. That allows you to move off the screen while still controlling the gadget completely.

If you are looking for a wireless mouse, we recommend the best Wireless mouse under 1 000 rupees. That works even in glass on all surfaces. But, you can use the wireless mouse if you have no trouble with the battery.

1. Dell WM123 Wireless Optical Mouse

It lovely black elegant mouse costs about 800 rupees. And, comes with the Bluetooth universal chip in a pack. The minimalist style makes it perfect and consistent with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. It is for a tidy working environment.

The mouse comes with a battery from Duracell. It comes with a manual to give you an insight into the computer operation. The whole Dell WM123 is a very informative and easy-to-use design.


  • A plastic roll on the top.
  • When the battery gets inserted or off. A light signal on the underside of the mouse goes on and off.
  • A switch for on or off the mouse is often on the back of the mouse.
  • A small indicator of light, that gets on when the mouse is long asleep.


  • An elegant and convenient style that fits your palms
  • A glassy bottom that fits well on any surface
  • Large and robust surface
  • Exclusive and simple battery room
  • An excellent mouse does not grab because the battery is defective
  • The battery should not use every day for long life.


  • Not a nice mouse to play games
  • The wheel is a little bumpy, but that’s the style

Dell’s device brand is one of the best brands in the industry. So, we can expect the best with their mouses. This mouse complies with all mouse requirements and provides smoothness, ease of use, and longevity.

2. Portronics Por-689 Puck Ergonomic Wireless Mouse


The vertical mouse of Portronics Puck has a peculiar shape like a moving gadget in a future fiction film. It has a distinctive form and style. The mouse is very appealing and might not be convenient for everyone.

The mouse is ideal for those who are on their laptops for several hours. As the stability of the wrist in comparison with the flatter mouse style. And, everything under 500 rupees takes it away as a consequence of the continuous movement.


  • Outstanding building efficiency.
  • A smooth surface of the body for fast-moving
  • Light warning on 2 AA batteries while the mouse is on.
  • It has a rest on your thumb that helps you to divide your palm weight with your cursor.
  • It gets connected to any PC or laptop via USB.


  • Fine and smooth for navigation
  • Soft and open scroll press
  • The adjustable style removes tension from your wrist
  • Long life of the battery.
    The puck DPI transition got made up of three optical sensors with 800, 1200, and 1600 settings.
  • Not good for gamers.
  • Some people think it’s too big

3. Lenovo N100 Wireless Mouse

The water drop form of Lenovo N100 is convenient. It is smooth and non-slippery. It has an outstanding plastic consistency and a firm, beautiful surface inside your palm. In the battle configuration, you will remain attached to the machine. Even on long distances, without losing the receptor connection. Due to the powerful optical sensor.
  • The mouse is consistent, reliable, and secure.
  • Windows-compatible
  • 150 grams in weight
  • Wonderful for simple use contouring
  • Amazing resolution and the tiny mouse optical receptor
  • 1-year product warranty
  • Durable, fingerprint-free ABS acrylic surface
  • A surface anti-slip.
  • A large mouse can be used anywhere on any surface

The Lenovo N100 offers the perfect accessory of machine technology. While Lenovo is known for manufacturing displays. Its distribution to this mouse has proved to be the best wireless mouse at 600 rupees.

4. Logitech M275 Wireless Mouse

Even though the M275 looks like an M330. It’s another excellent wireless product that guarantees you convenience. Even on the smallest gadgets that technology offers.
The M275 is formed, high on the back and forward to reduce tension.


  • Logitech M275 is Linux, Windows, and Mac compatible.
  • It has an integrated sensor which works 10 meters long distance.
  • The main battery with a double AA


  • A trusted and powerful mouse
  • The proper size for your palm
  • Smooth, silky, and moving surface
  • Broad scrolling wheel to operate faster with robust edges