best wooden coffee table india

Best wooden coffee table India

Coffee tables are often regarded as the focal point of a living room. And are thus among the most valuable furniture pieces in any home. Although the coffee table is timeless in nature, it comes in a variety of styles. Styling ranges from rustic to modern and everything between. Wooden coffee tables are gaining popularity very fast. The most popular and least expensive form of coffee table is the wooden one. Aside from the fact that the material is natural and can be found almost anywhere. As a result, most people opt for this choice when looking for DIY coffee tables.

Here are some of the wonderful woods you can use to make a coffee table for your lovely home:

  • Hardwoods – These wooden coffee tables are made from oak, maple, mahogany, cherry, and walnut.
  • Softwoods – Softwood, such as pine and fir, is also a good choice for coffee tables.
  • Plywood- Plywood, also known as engineered wood or man-made wood, is a type of wood that is manufactured.

To make your job easy we have picked some of the best wooden coffee tables in India from Amazon.

Solimo Ginger Engineered Wood Contemporary Coffee Table

This wooden table is a beautiful piece that is made of high-quality engineered wood. Its burr-free smooth edges add aesthetic value and make it easy to clean. The large shelf has a high load-bearing capacity, so you can store books, crockery, and other items on it. The table is made of European standard particleboard. It is also moisture, stain, and hot water-resistant. Hence making it a long-lasting addition to your decor. To ensure its protection and consistency, it has undergone over 15 tests. It is also made without harmful chemicals or lead, making it a healthier option for you and your family.

S Shape Engineered Wood Coffee Table

Your coffee table is a reflection of who you are. You can use the top of this furniture to store coffee cups and trays. And the shelves to store everyday things such as books, magazines, and showpieces. Bring home this multi-functional, easy-to-install coffee table to live a more organized lifestyle!

  • Sturdy material
  • S-shaped structure
  • Minimalist design
  • Compact
  • Matt finish
  • Dimensions
  • Easy to install DIY kit

Arsenaults Coffee Table

This table is ideal for sharing a cup of tea or coffee with friends and family while having long and interesting conversations. The large shelf has a load bearing capacity of 128kg, allowing you to easily store books, crockery, and other items. The table is humidity, stain, and hot water resistant, making it a long-lasting addition to your decor. It has passed over 15 tests to ensure its safety and consistency. It’s also free of toxic chemicals and lead, making it a healthy option for you and your family. A 5-year protection against manufacturing defects is included.

Sheesham Wood Square Coffee Centre Table for Living Room

  • Product Dimensions (In Inch):- Length: 31.5 x Width: 31.5 x Height: 18
  • Primary Material: Sheesham Wood | Secondary Material: Solid MDF/Plywood Depending On Availability | Product Name: Coffee Table For Living Room