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China 04: Housing, Renting, Buying, Shelter

Everything You Need to Know About Finding a New Home


From traditional housing to glamorous villas with swimming pools and gyms, there are many different types of houses and apartments for rent in China.

While you decide which one is right for you, there are some short-term rental options available, but most regular apartments have a one-year lease. Remember: you’ll need to start house hunting at least two months before your target move-in date.

As well as property type, our guide covers the most popular areas for expats in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou as well as tips on utility providers, including Chinese phone carriers.

If you’re planning to stay long term and are considering buying a house in China, make sure you read up on the quirks of the Chinese leasing system, and keep in mind that you have to live in the property that you purchase.

Renting a House or Apartment


China Government Rules


Expat Housing in China



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Rent in China



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