cool accessories for iphone uk

Cool accessories for iphone uk

Are you planning to upgrade your old iPhone with some cool accessories? Or if you want to make your brand new iPhone more eye-catchy we have something for you. In this article, you will get cool accessories for iPhone in UK information. When it comes to acquiring new iPhone accessories, the market is saturated. For example, if you search Amazon for “lightning cable,” you’ll get over 20,000 results.
If you choose the cheapest option, you risk having a torn cord or, worse, a fried charging port within a week.
We’ve done the legwork for you and put most of the iPhone accessories in this guide through their paces. So you can be confident that you’re getting the best. Our recommendations will keep your iPhone free of scratches and ready to use.

Tile Pro (2020)

On Amazon- £24.99

Connect the Tile Pro tracker to your keys, backpacks, athletic gear, or any other useful object. You’ll feel better knowing you can open the free Tile app and tap search to find your belongings.
Tile Pro is a high-performance finder that can be used to find keys, luggage, and other objects. The free app and easy-to-use finder are compatible with iOS and Android.
When your Tile Pro is within 400 feet, use the Tile app to ring it.
If your Tile is out of Bluetooth range. You can use the Tile app to see its most recent location or enlist the Tile Network’s secure and anonymous help.
Even though your phone is on silent, you can use your Tile to locate it.

MoKo Cell Phone Stand

It’s small enough to fit in a bag or even a pocket.
Since it’s tiny enough to fit on a plate, it’ll come in handy on an airplane. It’s made of plastic, it’s not the prettiest stand, but it’s durable, compact, and inexpensive.
Folds up to a flat form, tossed into a rucksack/bag, and is lightweight (1.09oz) and pocket-sized (3.26*2.8*0.5in).
Six adjustable slots allow for the easy stand angle change. It enables vertical and horizontal viewing, as well as portrait and landscape modes.
Stability is maintained by the solid and robust ABS and rubber, which keeps devices up to 11 inches.
Rubber pads mounted on the tablet’s surface secure it from scratching and slipping.

Neewer Metal Smartphone Video Rig

If you use your iPhone to film videos, this handy iPhone accessory is a must-have. It will assist you in taking much more secure shots. It has regular mounts on the topside for adding a microphone or LED lights. This will further enhance the quality of your shot.
The accessory is lightweight, durable, and comes with two grips. It will help you get the perfect balanced shot while remaining relaxed.

WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner

A non-toxic cleaner that will keep your iPhone and any other smartphone spotless. The odorless liquid is suitable for all screens. It also provides antimicrobial microfiber cloth. To ensures you get the most out of every spray. You’ll never run out of screen cleaner because it comes in three different bottle sizes.