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Cost Of Living In Venezuela

The cost of living is a very important factor if we talk about Venezuela than definitely, it is cheaper than the cost of living in the USA but still, according to numbeo the cost of living in Venezuela is 11.58% more than the cost of living in India. The best thing about Venezuela is that it has cheaper petrol rates.

Summary About The Cost Of Living In Venezuela

According to expatistan the estimated cost of living in Venezuela are as follow: 

  • A Family of four members has an estimated monthly cost of ₨72,884 (22,070,730 Bs.S.)
  • For Single person, the estimated monthly cost is ₨33,542 (10,157,329 Bs.S.)

Price List 

As shown in Numbeo, below are some of the everyday costs of living in Venezuela.

Restaurants Average Cost: 

Cheap Meal Budget 

Restaurant-3.50 $

Meal for 2 People- 25.00 $

Fast food Meal?

McMeal at McDonalds -4.00 $

Domestic Beer (0.5 ltr draught)-0.98 $

Cappuccino (regular)-0.83 $

Coke/Pepsi (0.33 ltr bottle)-1.03 $

Water (0.33 ltr bottle)-0.69 $


**Milk (regular), (1 ltr)-1.35 &

the higher price of milk as compared to the USA

Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g)-0.90$

Eggs (regular) (12)-1.35 $

Local Cheese (1kg)-2.96 $

Chicken Breasts (1kg)-2.75$

Beef (1kg) -2.82$

Apples (1kg)-3.87 $

Banana (1kg)-1.03 $

Oranges (1kg)-0.80 $

Tomato (1kg)-1.34$

Onion (1kg)-1.26 $

Lettuce (300 grams)-1.22 $

Petrol Price:

As we all know that the Veneula has eight biogas plants and it is one of the major countries that export petroleum. You will be surprised to know that in one US dollar you can fill the tank of a medium-size car about 720 times. 

Gold Price:

Gold Ounce 394,945,722.14 VEF 1,589.40 USD

10 Gold Tola 1,481,046,458.03 VEF 5,960.23 USD

Gold Gram 24K 12,686,520.14 VEF 51.05 USD

Gold Gram 22K 11,632,484.94 VEF 46.81 USD

Gold Gram 21K 11,111,816.94 VEF 44.72 USD

Gold Gram 18K 9,524,414.52 VEF 38.33 USD

Gold Gram 14K 7,429,043.33 VEF 29.90 USD

Gold Gram 12K 6,349,609.68VEF 25.55 USD

Gold Gram 10K 5,295,574.47 VEF 21.31 USD

Gold Gram 9K 4,762,207.26 VEF 19.16 USD

Gold Gram 8K 4,228,840.05 VEF 17.02 USD

Currency Conversion 

1 USD = 248,567.80 VEF

100 USD = 24,856,780.00 VEF

10,000 USD = 2,485,678,000.00 VEF

1,000,000 USD = 248,567,800,000.00 VEF

1 INR = 323.04 VND

100.00 INR = 32,304.00 VND

1,000.00 INR = 323,040.00 VND

10,000.00 INR = 3,230,400.00 VND





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