Cost of living in Denmark

Cost Of Living Or Rent And Housing In Denmark

Heading to live in Denmark, then you need to know some important things about the country. The cost of living in Denmark is much expensive. Even the standard of living is much higher than in most of the southern European countries. As the living standard is very higher so is the income of the Denmark citizens. Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark is one of the most expensive cities in the world. It’s ranked in the top 20 most expensive cities. Cities other than Copenhagen are much cheaper to live in.

Cost of Living in Denmark.

Accommodation Cost in Denmark!!

Accommodation in Denmark is much expensive. The largest proportion of their expenses is from the accommodation. If you need to save you hard-earned money than you must find your housing at some particular place. Copenhagen is a very small city and very expensive too. So it is preferable to get your housing in any other city if possible. A brief tabular description of the accommodation or monthly rent.

Accommodation (monthly rent)
Single bedroom apartment (in the city Center)9,500 DKK
Single bedroom apartment (other than the city Center)7,000 DKK
Triple bedroom apartment in (other than the city Center)16,000 DKK
Triple bedroom apartment (other than the city Center)12,000 DKK

Traveling Cost in Denmark!!

The transportation service in Denmark is considerably good. Either it’s air, road, sea, or train network all linked very well throughout the city. Being an expensive country the cost of traveling is also higher. Traveling from a public transport service is always good to save money. This will also make the cost of living in Denmark better. Although the different options like getting a personal taxis can be very expensive. You may also prefer cycling to reduce your cost of travel and it is very much popular in the country as well.

Taxi fare (per km)16 DKK
Public Bus Transport or train fare25 DKK
Petrol / fuel (per liter)11 DKK

Food or Eatables Cost in Denmark!!

The food or we can say the groceries stay on the expensive side in Denmark. Groceries are available on the grocery stores which may cost you a little higher. Instead of this, you may buy groceries from the local markets to be on your budget and save money. Going outside to have your lunch or dinner may cost you a little higher as well in a normal restaurant. The prices will increase if you choose a high-end hotel or restaurant to have your food.

Eating out
Burger Meal72 DKK
Soft Drink (330ml)23 DKK
Cappuccino Coffee38 DKK
Beer Bottle (local)45 DKK
Three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant300 DKK