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Educational system: Democratic Congo

Democratic Congo is a 342,000-square-kilometer country in Equatorial Africa.  Its population is over 7 million. Around 12.6% of the Congolese budget is spent on education system.  40% on...

Healthcare and good hospitals in the Republic of the Congo.

Healthcare system in the Republic of the Congo Local public hospitals and medical facilities are severely craft, which means they are unable to provide much effective treatment options on par with...

Best Time To Visit and Explore Democratic Republic Congo

The best time to visit and explore Democratic Republic Congo is during the dry season from May to September, and with July the driest month, followed by June. The temperature drops slightly during...

Category - DR Congo

Best Places To Stay In DRC

Post Views: 8 The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is not only the second-largest country in Africa but it is also one of the most resource-rich countries on this planet and has an abundance of gold, tantalum...

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