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COVID-19 Outbreak in Italy!!

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is an infectious disease originated in Wuhan, China and first reported in 2019. This disease has spread all over the world and Italy has become the most affected country by this disease. So far, the total count of the death toll rose to more than 3,000 and had more than 40,000 confirmed cases. These numbers are increasing day-by-day and becoming a disaster in the world. World Health Organisation has already declared this disease as a pandemic, a world disaster.

Italy is one of the countries which have the best health care systems in the world. Despite having some of the best doctors and most professionally trained medical professionals, this virus has outbreak Italy badly. The COVID-19 has the mild symptoms like cough, sneezing, etc. and it spreads from one person to another. Till date, there is no vaccine or medicine has been discovered for the cure of the disease. This virus mostly affects citizens with weaker immune systems or citizens aged more than 65 years.

Symptoms of COVID-19 or Coronavirus

COVID-19 or Coronavirus has some of the mild symptoms like

  • Cough
  • Sneeze
  • Mild fever
  • Tiredness
  • Difficulty in breathing

Currently, Italy has been completely locked down due to the spreading of this disease. No one in the whole country has been allowed to go out of their houses, they’re only allowed to go out by taking permissions. All the citizens in the country has been advised to get isolated themselves in order to control the pandemic. The certain methods which have been adopted to prevent the disease. You can prevent yourself by going to large gatherings and by staying at least one meter away from the people who have the above symptoms.

Some of the site where you can find help regarding COVID-19

Some of the tips may help you at this time.

  • The basic guide for the prevention of this disease is to have clean surroundings.
  • Get your hands washed with handwash or sanitizers in almost every one to two hours.
  • Do maintain at least one-meter distance from people and stay away from people having a cough or sneezing.
  • Try to stay home and get self-isolate yourself from others in the household if you feel unwell.

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