Croatia Visa

Croatia visa requirements, visa application process for Croatia

The Republic of Croatia is a European country. The visa application process for Croatia is much simpler. Besides that, you may need to figure out that you actually need a visa or not. As Croatia is a European country, the citizens of the EU countries do not need a visa to travel to Croatia. Besides that the citizens of the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand do not need a visa to travel Croatia. They can stay in Croatia for up to a period of 90 days and this can be 180 in some special cases. If you are from any other country you need a visa to travel to Croatia.

Do you need a visa to Croatia?

Check here below whether you need a visa to visit Croatia. Choose your passport citizenship on the dropdown list on top and click on the yellow visa requirements button.

Process for Visa Application

To apply for the Croatian visa, the application process is very much simpler these days. Today’s world is the digital one most of the work will get done online. Before applying for the visa application process you need to figure out which type of visa do you need. The visa application for Croatia has two different types:

Croatia Short-stay Visa: The Short-stay visa allows the visa holder to stay for 90 days or three months. They can stay in Croatia for 90 days within a period of 180 days. These visas are generally issued for tourism, business, or any other short term travel. A short-stay visa may provide you single or multiple entries as well.

Croatia Long-stay Visa: The Long-term visa allows the holder to stay in Croatia for more than 90 days. They are generally issued for the study, family, or work. The holder also needs to get a temporary residence permit to apply for the visa. 

How to get help with your visa application?

You can apply for a Croatian visa on your own in here but if you need help with your visa application you can go through a reliable visa service, like VisaHQ or iVisa. Depending on your nationality and the time you have, one of these below visa services can be more convenient or effective than the other.

Apply for a Croatian visa with iVisa

Apply for a Croatian visa with VisaHQ 

Application Form and the Required Documents

After configuring the type of visa required you need to get your application form. You need to complete the application form and get it print. This application form is available online and you need to complete it on the online portal here. After filling out this form you need to gather your required documents. These documents need to submit along with your printed application process. You can submit your application at your nearest Croatian embassy or consulate. You may also use an authorized travel agency or visa application center for this. Here is the list of the documents which you need while submitting your visa application. You also need to pay the visa fees along with the documents and the application form.

  • A Croatian Visa Application Form
  • Two passport-size pictures.
  • Travel itinerary and proof of return flight ticket.
  • Proof of enough funds to cover the duration of your stay.
  • A valid passport having validity more than the duration of the visa.
  • Travel health insurance document as proof for the entire time you will be in Croatia.
  • Accommodation proof in Croatia, like a hotel reservation.

The visa application process usually takes around 15 days to a month to get processed. It may take more time also as it depends on the various factors. Like your embassy or consulate handling, more applications, and many others.