best seeds for immunity

Eat these seeds to boost your Immunity

We are all confined to our homes as the planet battles the deadly Covid-19. Immunity is the health benefit that everybody seeks.
The recommendations released by global health authorities encourage people to eat healthily. People who eat a well-balanced diet appear to have better immune systems.
Snacking is normally the Achilles heel for most of us when it comes to healthy eating. It’s not difficult to eat three balanced meals a day, but we frequently fail when snacking.

We’re going to give you the lowdown on three big seeds you should include in your diet, particularly now that the world is being affected by covid-19, since they’ll also help you improve your immunity:

Sunflower seeds, for starters

If you don’t get enough antioxidants in your diet, sunflower seeds will make up for it. Sunflower seeds are high in antioxidants and contain a healthy amount of fat. Magnesium and vitamin E are abundant in them. As a result, if you have pale skin, you can eat these seeds.

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Protein-dense source
Dietary fiber is abundant in this food.
Vitamin E is abundant.

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It is a multi-purpose food that improves skin quality, improves health, and nourishes hair.

Pumpkin Seed 

Apart from all of the nutrients found in pumpkin seeds, such as protein, potassium, and magnesium, there is one factor that makes them a must-have: vitamin K. This nutrient isn’t found in many food classes, and a lack of it can contribute to low bone density. Vitamin K aids in the attachment of calcium in the bones, thus strengthening them. Pumpkin seeds are especially important for people with weak bones or arthritis.

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HEART AND BONE HEALTH: Pumpkin Seeds contain nutrients (high fiber) that help to keep your heart healthy by lowering blood pressure and increasing good cholesterol.

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Vitamin K, manganese, phosphorus, copper, magnesium, zinc, protein, and iron are all abundant in them. Since these small seeds are high in dietary fiber, they can keep you fuller for longer.

Seeds of Sabja

The seeds of the falooda. Sabja seeds are high in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a fatty acid that has been shown to help with weight loss and metabolism. Furthermore, flavonoids such as vicenin, orientin, and beta carotene boost immunity, preventing colds and flu.

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Reduces body heat (detox drink): basil seeds are great to add to your drinks during the summer. It aids in the reduction of body heat by acting as a natural coolant.
Sabja seeds from Thanjai Natural are high in antioxidants, which help to preserve skin health. The antibacterial properties help to strengthen the skin cells by preventing infectious bacteria from entering the body.

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Benefits of Sabja or Basil Seeds-

1. Aids in weight loss 2. Lowers body temperature 3. Maintains blood sugar levels
4. Helps to relieve bloating and constipation
5. Relieves Acid Reflux and Heartburn
6. To Promote Skin and Hair Health
7. It Relieves Coughs and Flu