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Europe Asylum: Info & links About Asylum Seeking

Aida – Asylum Information Database
The Asylum Information Database (AIDA) is a database managed by the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE), containing information on asylum procedures, reception conditions, detention and content of international protection across 23 countries.


LAW.org Refugee Law and Policy

The law library was established by Congress in 1832. It has legal material and law policies. It contains various reports that describes the law and the policy on the refugee or on the other asylum seekers in 22 countries.
Report covers the topic such as laws and regulation which governs the admission of refugees, handling the refugee claims, The process of arriving of refugees at the border, process of evaluating whether the applicant is a refugee or not, Checks whether the asylum policy has been affected by any international emergency or crisis.


Ecre – European Council on Refugees and Exiles
ECRE stands for European Council on Refugees and Exiled It’s an alliance of one and 105 NGO spreading across 40 European countries. The organisation work throughout the Europe to protect and respect the rights of refusing it is the most vibrant and dynamic alliances of refugees  assisting.


Need a lawyer?

The ECRE also provides legal assistance in case you need a lawyer either you can contact them or you can contact one of the lawyers of the ELENA Network of Legal Practitioners. There are lawyers  from more than 55  countries in Europe who are experienced and work on asylum and immigration law.

For contact details you can find it below. It is advised to contact the person based in the country where you are located currently. If not then you can contact to their organisation member for the further assistance.


European Asylum Support Office (EASO)



Housing Rights Watch

Housing Rights Watch is an interdisciplinary network of associations in Europe. It has lawyers and academics from different countries, who are committed to promoting the right to housing.
Housing Rights is for everyone not just refugees and migrants.



The Landinfo is an independent body which works within the Norwegian Immigration Authorities. It is responsible for collecting, analysing and presenting country of origin information to the Norwegian Immigration Authorities.

https://landinfo.no/en/ English Norwegian

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