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Everything You Need To Know About COVID-19


The symptoms of COVID-19/SARS  may look like a normal cold or flu with :

  • Fever(can be high or normal), 
  • Coughing, 
  • Sore Throat(Pain in throat/Itching)  
  • Any difficulty in breathing or Pneumonia in both lungs or any one of the lungs.

The isolation period can be of 14 days or depends on the situation of the patient. 

From the report of WHO, mortality rates are increasing globally. Calculated in 14 days the mortality rates by COVID-19 are 5.7% and are still increasing. WHO is monitoring the situation and has issued updated information on the outbreak.


Below here is information about organizations that are providing help in China. You can go to these websites and check for more information by yourself.

Direct Relief

Direct Relief is an organization that is active in all 50 states and more than 80 countries. Direct Relief aims to improve the health and lives of people who are affected by poverty or any kind of emergencies. The organization works without any basis based on religion, or ability to pay.


DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services). The DHHS provides healthcare, and safety for all Victorians so that they can lead a life with good health. 


IMF announces that it will provide emergency financing funding to poor countries which is worth $50 billion. Click on the link above to see the read the whole article. 

Which Countries Has Imposedpossed Ban On China

Near about 50 countries and some territories have imposed travel restrictions on China. The countries have tightened visa requirements and restricted the movements to prevent novel coronavirus spread furthermore.