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France links, information websites, chat groups

Refugee guide in France

Overview of France/services

http://samsam.guide/ (French,English)

http://samsam.guide/en/ – English

W2eu.info – Welcome to Europe

For freedom of movement: Independent information for refugees and migrants coming to Europe

http://www.w2eu.info/france.en.html  (English)

http://www.w2eu.info/france.ar.html (Arabic)

http://www.w2eu.info/france.fa.html  (Farsi)

http://www.w2eu.info/france.fr.html (French)

Rights in Exile Programme

List of pro bono legal assistance providers is a directory of organizations, lawyers, and others who are able to assist refugees free-of-charge in legal matters and help secure refugee rights. This list may also be of use to legal providers assembling and arguing cases elsewhere in the world for information on country of origin, case development, and other help.


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