Food Distribution Camps In Delhi

Free Food Distributions in Delhi

You’ll get the information about the ongoing free food distribution camps in Delhi. The total number of positive cases in India is increasing day by day. 

Many people are not getting even a one-time meal. The lockdown obliviously affected all us but think about who live on daily wages income. All the labours, truck drivers, workers are suffering a lot. The sate and central government are working to provide food to needy. They are establishing hunger relief camps around the nation. To ensure no one sleeps empty stomachs. But is the information reaching to the needy people? Is everyone getting food answer is no!

Many NGOs, charitable groups, individual people have come forward to help the people. Who are suffering and not getting anything to eat. We all are showing gratitude towards the doctors, nurses, police. Its time to say thank you to all the heroes who are feeding a needy.

Most important is to spread the information!! So, that the needy people can know where they can take help. We’re giving information about the relief camps throughout India. So, that it reaches out to the person who really needs it.

Free Food Distribution Camps In Delhi

RasoiOnWheels: It is a mobile kitchen service. Rasoi On Wheels is provides packed meal boxes to the less privileged segment of our society. The foundation is working to provide cooked meals. They are also distributing rations to less privileged and daily wage labourers. 

New Delhi Municipal Council: NDMC is a governments organisation. It is continuously working on distributing food to needy. Recently, wheat & rice distribution to needy happens in 4 NDMC schools. Also, in past, they have set up serval Food Relief centres.

Wishes And Blessings: They are working around the since day1 of the lockdown. Not only distributing food but they are working on three important pillars. These pillars are hygiene, shelter and nutrition. They are supplying hygiene equipment. Also, they are providing full-time home shelter for homeless people. 

Mahavir International Delhi: This is a Voluntary Charitable & non-religious NGO. They are also working to feed the needy. 

Pranyas Development Foundation: They are running various food distribution camps. They are working not only in Delhi but also in M.P and other parts too.

Temples, Gurdwara and Mosquee: 

We all know that “God is God who has no one”. In normal days also they are the first to point of contact where a homeless or hungry person goes. During the lockdown, they are trying to fees as many as people they can feed. 

ISKCON:  The ISKCON temple located in Dwarka is providing food to lakhs people in a single day. They are taking all the precautions while preparing food. In order to make food healthy. 

Delhi Sikh Gurdwara: The Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee is trying to help the underprivileged. They are working in their full capacity. Also, Delhi’s Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is serving 40,000 meals each day. 

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