Get Information about Venezuela Visa!

Venezuela situated on South America’s northern coast.  With a population of about 3.7 crores, It is popular for oil, pretty women, Star Falls, and baseball players. If you’re planning to visit Venezuela. For a holiday, research, business meeting, and just work. Then apply for a Venezuela Visa.

How Does It Take Venezuela Visa Process?

As per the Republica-de-Venezuela. The visa process takes 2 to 15 days. It depends on which embassy and immigration office you are working with.

Fees of Visa :

U.S. people should apply for – Visa three months before the tour.
According to the note-
  • It costs a U.S. resident $30.
  • Tourist Visa fee: $35 for access to three months.
  • Rs 4500 with three months.
  • Business Visa fee: $70 six months, 
  • Rs 4500 for three months 
  • Student Visa fee: $70 for 12 months.


Types of Visa & Requirements :

Tourist visa Requirements: 

  • The Passport 
  • The Photograph
  • Flight Tickets
  • Your Medical Reports 
  • Bank  account Statements

Eligibility Criteria For visa :

  • The purpose of the visit must be real. 
  • You must ensure a medically fit.
  • Must have  good condition 
  • You should have enough balance in your bank account.
  • Must have a reason to return.

Business visa Requirements: 

  •  The Passport 
  • A Photograph.
  • Your flight Tickets. 
  • Must have Medical Reports 
  • Bank Statement of the current company.
  • Invitation Letter Of Company.
  • Company Registration Certificate.

Eligibility Criteria For Business visa :

  • Purpose of the visit. 
  • Should have medically fit.
  • Must have good condition 
  • Should have enough balance.
  • You should have a purpose to return back 
  • Don’t have any criminal records 

Student visa Documents: 

  • The Passport 
  • A Photograph
  • Your flight Tickets 
  • All Medical Reports 
  • Bank Statements.
  • Letter Of University
  • A notarized document.

Criteria For Student visa :

  •  The purpose of the visit.
  • Should have medically fit.
  • Must have a good condition.
  • Should have enough balance.
  • Must have a reason to return.
  • Shouldn’t have any criminal records.

If you are an Indian citizen. And you want to apply for the visa of Venezuela. Here is the link. You can directly click on that. And can easily apply for it.

Fill the above form. Apply for it. Fill all the necessary details required. Don’t forget to read all the terms and conditions mentioned there. Before applying got through them.

The Venezuela visa look like this-