How much does it cost to travel to Mexico?

Could it be possible going to Mexico on a budget? Learn how to schedule your visit to Yucatan Mexico —, cost guides, things to do, where to stay and more. Thus explore the Country’s Best!
Mexico is a land with microclimates, and one of the world’s most complex topographies. In the morning you could be on the beach and be wrapped in a blanket at night sipping a hot mug of hot Chiapan chocolate in the highlands. So let’s know about how much does it cost to travel to Mexico?

The Cheapest Times to Visit Mexico

Visiting Mexico for Events

Throughout the year there are festivals and some of them are pretty amazing. Bear in mind that festivals tend to be the most costly and crowded time to attend, but for a few amazing memories, you’ll be in.

How much did that cost Mexico?

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Note: Please only use these figures as general guidance. Each, remember moves differently. Your travel budget can vary in Mexico.

Mexico is usually very inexpensive but the Yucatan is slightly more expensive than other areas of Mexico that receive less tourism because of its popularity and location.

Budget travelers will live on around $30-$ 40 a day.

The currency of Mexico is Mexican Peso ($– the same symbol as the dollar sign) which translates to 16 – 18 MXN for $1 USD. Although US dollars are commonly accepted and are even available at some ATMs for withdrawal, it’s recommended you convert your money to pesos as the conversion rate is lower.

Where To Stay In Mexico

Yucatan offers any form of accommodation you could think about. From tree-houses to luxury resorts. Yucatan accommodation rates are comparable if you’re going to Cancun, Tulum or Playa del Carmen, but they can be 5 times higher during high season and big holidays, including Spring break and Christmas.
Here are a few examples to help you prepare your budget accordingly.

  • Hostels for backpackers: $4 – $17 per day
  • Guesthouses: $40 – $95 per night
  • Mid-range hotels: $100 – $200 per night
  • Resorts & Nice Hotels: $200 – $500 per night.

Eat Food Mexican!

Mexican cuisine is very diverse, although tacos are the most common.
With as little as $1 for a meat taco and $1.20 for a seafood one, you can get tacos at any street corner. Since eating three tacos, you would comfortably be full so dinner with a side of guacamole will cost you about $5.

If you are looking for a sit-down meal, however, you can pay $1 or $2 extra to have your tacos and drinks brought to the table by a waiter.

Budget Airlines

  • Flying across Mexico is inexpensive, and is much more comfortable with local airlines than other American carriers. Through booking budget airlines in advance, you can get a flight starting at about $25 USD.
  • VivaAerobus
  • Volaris
  • Explorer

Book your flights eight weeks in advance, at least. During February, the cheapest month to fly when airfare can be 29 percent cheaper than normal. Yet, according to Rabinor, because of a high degree of pollution and smog, this is one of the worst months. Flights to Cancún should be booked up to 14 weeks in advance, even further out. October is the cheapest month to fly, with flights being 35 percent cheaper. Though this is right in the eye of the hurricane season, and you’ll probably get more rain than heat. So in this way, one can know easily about How much does it cost to travel to Mexico?