Hospitals in Russia, a quick guide to Russian hospitals

First of all, in Russia, you can dial 103 for a direct link to the medical emergency ambulance. All operators speak Russian and also should be able to speak English, grab a Russian speaker around you if you are struggling to be understood. 
The national general emergency number is 112, which will link you to an operator. They will refer you to the service you need, whether you need the police (102), fire services (101), or an ambulance (103). In Moscow, the 112 operators can also help if you smell a gas leak, use 104 to talk directly about gas leaks near you. 

The Russian Federation Constitution has given all citizens the right to free healthcareHowever, after Russia’s financial crisis in 2014, significant health budget cuts have decreased healthcare quality. Almost half of the basic medical facilities have fewer workers than they would actually need, with some being shut down.
Russia has an insurance-based health program. But, there are many rural areas where most people are not protected by health insurance. The number of physicians in rural areas was 43.8 per 10,000 residents but just 12.1. As a proportion of the total number of physicians, the number of general practitioners was 1.26%. There are about 9.3 beds per thousand inhabitants — nearly double the OECD average. In 2008, the Russian healthcare sector also hired 621,000 physicians and 1,3 million, nurses. 

Health Insurance in Russia 

Russia has an insurance-based health program. If you are a foreign citizen and seeking treatment in a Russian hospital, you must need either public insurance via jobs in Russia or private insurance. In case of an emergency, hospitals can treat patients without any insurance. But the patients must be billed for treatment post-emergency. To seek other treatment, you would need to provide insurance proof. For more read:
Private health insurance increases the chances of greater access to healthcare. This includes shorter waiting times, greater convenience, good treatment, and a bilingual doctor.
Usually, Russian health insurance premiums work according to your medical background.
Some international health insurance has a few medical clinics in touch. So make sure before taking any insurance. Read this guide for more information.

How much does It cost at Russian Hospitals?

If you are admitted to a private hospital, your insurers will normally have to pay the bill in advance.

You can also choose private health insurance to offset the costs. Costs differ depending on the health condition, and insurance policies. International health insurance companies in Russia which offer ex-pat coverage plans include:

  • Allianz Care and Cigna Global.
  • If you need treatment, service programs can range from R10,000 to R50,000
Cost per bed day by hospital level*
 Int $ 2005LCU 2005 
Cost per outpatient visit by hospital level*
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Hospitals in Russia

The easiest way to find a hospital close to you is to use a map application. Here I used Yandex map, to create a map of hospitals in russia, or in russian, больницы в россии. 

There are several generals and specialty hospitals in Russia. Public health facilities in Moscow (capital of Russia) are at a higher level than anywhere else in the world. Within Moscow, there are general hospitals as well as specialized ones (children’s, psychiatric, gynecological, etc.).

In Russia, there are two types of hospitals, state hospitals, and private hospitals. The state hospitals are unfunded and have limited services. Private hospitals are more costly but are still indulge by foreigners. This is due to the quality and standard of care for English-speaking hospitals in Russia.

The number of hospitals in Russia declined over the period observed, by 1000 since 2010. In 2018, 53,000 hospital organizations working countrywide. Currently, Moscow Children’s Hospital of Russia ranked number 250 in the country. You can find out the list of the best hospitals in Russia in world hospital rankings. This article includes all general hospitals in Russia and specialized hospitals.

V A Baranov Republican Hospital, Russia

This State-owned hospital provides medical service to the citizens of the Karelia. The hospital opened in 1951. However, named after its first chief physician, Vasiliy Aleksandrovich Baranov. In the hospital: 17 specialist clinical units, 20 medical units &15 auxiliary departments. The hospital complex is built to hold 1064 beds including the branches. It served more than 21,000 patients and has provided advice for more than 94,000 patients.

Tel: 8(812) 449-97-17 

Research Institute of Cardiology, Tomsk

The Institute main focused is on the practice of cardiological and cardiac surgery. It is a specialized institution, where people from the Urals to Sakhalin came here to test. Currently, the hospital has 16 clinical departments, 175 doctors, & 340 nurses. Many people also came here for the treatment of their cardiac system. The center has more than 25 types of laboratory tests, a 400-bed hospital. Also, available here: high-tech medical treatment for heart patients, and vascular diseases. You may also submit a submission for an appointment online to this hospital.

Tel: +7 (3822) 565-282

634012, Tomsk, Kievskaya st., 111A  

Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital, Moscow

Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital is a state-owned hospital operated since 1985. It is the largest children hospital in Russia and has more than 1000 beds. Located in the center of Moscow, its service reaches even out of the borders of Russia. This hospital treated more than 18.000 children from all across the country and beyond. Over 30 years it has fought over children’s life safety. 

Tel: +7 (903) -130-6442

Moscow, Leninsky prospect, 117, Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital, Administrative building

Perovskite Vorota Medical Center, Moscow

Located in the heart of Moscow, a hospital comprising more than 30 medical areas. The hospital will provide anyone with all kinds of health facilities. This hospital holds some of Russia ‘s finest medical care.
It has top-notch medical support types of equipment. The doctors in this hospital are well train to provide you diagnostic services. Because also, most (if not all) of them know English very well, so contact is not going to be foreigners’ problems. 

Center of Neurology Moscow

The Neurology Science Center is the main neurological center Clinic in Russia. The principal research center of the hospital, able to overcome some medical disorders. The Center has developed special conditions for any neurological disorder. It ranked 3rd in Russia and also ranked 478 in the world. The specialists have gained a wealth of expertise in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of pathologies. And often, these same specialists have developed the latest diagnostic approaches.

Tel: +7 (495) 374-77-76

m.Sokol, Tushinskaya, Shchukinskaya
Volokolamskoe highway, 80,
Moscow, 125367 

Family Doctor Clinic

Family Doctor clinic is one of Moscow ‘s largest private health care firms. Its network comprises 16 polyclinics located in different Moscow districts. The clinic has a responsible attitude towards care for patients. Currently, 75 hospital beds are available in the clinic. It is a specialist medical center for infants, as well as dental and cosmetology centers. The hospital doctors provide health care in the form of a one-year plan for medical services. The medical records are also stored in electronic form. You can sign up for the clinic, and find your information in the office on the website.

Tel: +7 495 780 07 71

Moscow, Bratislavskaya street, 23 

NMS Medical Center 

Established in 1989 on the Russian Academy of Medical Science Research Institute. The clinic was one of the first in the commercial medicine industry. Also, awarded as the Moscow Quality title. Today more than 500 high-level specialists work in 20 medical areas. The doors of 12 more clinics have been also opened for our patients. These are located within walking distance, staffed with a full doctor team. The hospital provides the widest variety of outpatient and polyclinical services for children. The hospital main focuses on the effective and secure treatment of all patients. 

M. Polezhaevskaya, Prospect Marshal Zhukov, 38, building 1

Tel: +7 (495) 617-03-51

Republican Hospital, Komi 

The Komi Republican Clinical Hospital is a new, well-equipped, multidisciplinary medical center.
The hospital is the Region’s largest medical center. This includes over 50 divisions, branch units, and facilities. The hospital hires over 200 doctors, 500 surgeons, 300 surgeons. Every day about 700 patients receive treatment here. The hospital is specialists in thoracic surgery, urology, orthopedics, ENT, gynecology, gastroenterology. The RSC also provides methodological guidelines for the Komi Republic’s main vascular centers.

Tel: 8 (8212) 22-98-31

Komi, Syktyvkar, Pushkin st., 114 

Bakulev Center for Cardiovascular Surgery 

Established in 1956, Bakoulev Center offers medical services for any cardiovascular disease. Also, specialists including, cancer, dangerous infectious diseases (HIV, hepatitis, etc.), chronic diseases. Pregnant patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD) are also studied and treated here. Make an appointment here patient-care/to-make-an-appointment. The hospital Ranked 291 in world hospital ranking. 

Nizhny Novgorod Hospital, Nizhny Novgorod

Today this hospital has the widest option in almost every area of life, particularly when it comes to services and products. The health care and development sector is no exception. It will decide separately not only the institution where we are going to receive therapy but also the doctor to whom we are going to entrust our wellbeing. Unfortunately, there aren’t either many good doctors. 

Nizhny Novgorod, district. Avtozavodsky, Ave. Ilyich, 23A

(831) 295-17-75, 295-17-88; 749-72

Evromedprestizh Clinic and Medical Center

 EUROMEDPRESTIGE, established in 2000, with the best specialists from 25 medical fields work. Doctors of the clinic are competent in their craft can battle all your ailments! The clinic has been comparing with the Swiss banks. In other words, with good teams of doctors and nurses, the clinic is safe for you. It works as an integrated program that provides the diagnosis and prevention of a wide range of diseases. 

European Medical Center

EMC is the # 1 High-Tech Private Hospital. EMC has well-developed equipment to conduct detailed diagnoses for any illness. Hospital uses the latest medical technologies: molecular imaging, robotic surgery, the latest radiation therapy, and the angiographic device for endovascular surgery. EMC physicians provide medical services around the clock, includes heart attacks, strokes, severe traumatic brain, and spinal cord injuries. Hospital expertise in carrying out the most complex surgical procedures. And delivering postoperative treatment of high quality, ensuring prompt and thorough recovery. 

University Central Hospital

The biggest multidisciplinary clinic within the Russian Academy of Sciences framework. The Russian Academy of Sciences ‘Central Clinical Hospital is composed of a hospital with a diagnostic and treatment center (LDC) and a consultative and diagnostic center of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Central Clinical Hospital. For inpatient environments, the hospital provides everything available for prevention, diagnosis, and care.

+7 (499) 400-47-33

Metro Leninsky Prospect, Fotievoy St., 10

Avicenna Medical Center, Novosibirsk

After November 1996, the medical center “AVICENNA” operates in Novosibirsk. Today it has a world-class multidisciplinary medical and testing facility. The patient is able to provide eligible help and high-class service in “AVICENNA”. Doctors of the hospital select the approaches that produce the greatest outcome. Hospital seeks to learn and incorporate all the best of medical of practice. Popular service available here:

(383) 363-30-03 

American Medical Center

Popular services available here are

Some more:


Shosse Entuziastov 51, Moscow 105568, Russia. 

Sibir’ LLC 

Shchelkovskaoe shosse 61, Moscow 107241, Russia 

President SK 2 LLC 

Stroitelnaya str.27 , Moscow 142703 , Russia. 


Shvernika str.13 build 1, Moscow 117449, Russia. 

District Hospital, Khanty-Mans

Tyumen Cardiology Center, Tomsk 

Ekaterinburgsk Medical Center 

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