How to apply a Visa for Pakistan? Check Here!

Get a visa for Pakistan

Pakistan might not be a location on your travel list. Because of security issues for both visitors and local residents. These issues have made it impossible for Americans to Pakistan. But, to prevent many adventurous tourists from traveling. They must feel comfortable before visiting. If you have a firm decision. Then only you should apply a visa for Pakistan.
Tourists to Pakistan usually need to get a visa from Pakistani diplomatic missions. These missions offer some categories. Because some travelers need a visa upon arrival. When they are traveling in a group or for business. The country also offers electronic visa applications. And also visa issuance authorization on arrival.
Applicants usually have to apply for visas in their own country. But, if they are legal citizens of such a country, they can also apply from the third country.

What is an e-Visa?

An authorized document that allows entry and traveling within a given country. An option to visas given at entry routes. Or visit an embassy/consulate to receive conventional paper visas is the e-Visa. E-Visas are linked to the passenger’s passport.

Basics for Obtaining a Tourist Visa

  • A few individuals still want to make the trip to Pakistan.
  • For this to happen, you should have a visa.
  • Visa applications for tourist visas are available on the internet.
  • But you should apply for that in a person.
  • You can also contact the Pakistani consulate near you.
  • To clarify exactly what you need to bring with you and if there is a meeting.

Visa-Free entry

The five following countries holding normal passports may not need a visa.

You can also apply and get a visa online. All you need to is Apply for a visa online.

Electronic Visa Application

Tourist Visa on arrival-

The listed countries may obtain an ETA visa upon arrival in Pakistan.

Documents Required

  • A passport that has one blank visa page.
  • And also valid for at least six months.
  • One registration form completed.
  • They can’t leave anything blank.
  • Four passport-sized photographs.
  • Legal invitation letter.
  • Proof of travel documents such as flight tickets.
  • Driving License
  • Copies of all the above-mentioned documents.
Business Visa on Arrival

The following 95 countries could acquire a visa upon arrival. When they travel on a business trip for a maximum period of 30 days.

Consult a sponsor
  • You should have a sponsor before you could even imagine applying a visa to Pakistan.
  • This sponsor is also a person who lives in Pakistan.
  • Or can be a tour company,
  • That must have an official letter.
Contact a travel agency

Apply through a travel or tour company to help you. Such as Visa First Global Visa experts. This application process is a hassle, and no doubt it is. The process can be a little overwhelming, so give plenty of time before you leave on all the paperwork.

Why visit Pakistan?
Among security concerns and the complex visa process. A trip to Pakistan is also no problem for certain people.
Pakistan, though, is full of natural beauty. From the breathtaking architecture and cultural objects to the lush landscapes. These tempt people who love to explore various places.
Some attractions to check out on a visit to Pakistan include Lahore Fort, Chaukhandi tombs,  Hingol National Park,  elephant path, and Khewra Salt Mine.
Diplomatic and service category passports
Pakistan has passport abolition contracts for diplomatic and official passport holders. The following countries do not need Pakistan visas.
Online Visa

All countries except the following countries are eligible for applying for an online visa.

Mandatory Registration
Visitors from the following countries are mandated to ensure with police:
These are the details for Applying for a visa for Pakistan.