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How To Apply For Asylum In Albania? Know Here!

An asylum seeker is any migrant who shares his / her desire not to return to his / her country. And also any migrant or stateless person who applied for asylum in the Republic of Albania. Because of which a final choice is not yet made. these are the persons who granted asylum. And are those who show fear for reasons of race, religion, nationality, and membership. Because they are in a specific social group in their country of origin. Know more about how to Apply For Asylum In Albania.

Know-How To Apply For Asylum-

  • Asylum seekers entering the territory are illegal can not charge for unlawful border crossing.
  •  But provided how they can appear before the relevant authorities. 
  • But that also should be within 10 days of their entry.  
  • NHCR is the United Nations High Commissioner for the Refugees.
  • This policy is to help refugees around the world. And also helping the Albanian government.
  • To protect and assist asylum seekers and refugees.
  • It also helps asylum seekers in answering their claims to the authorities.

Development of Albanian System

  • The new Constitution of Albania in 1998 stated the right of asylum.
  • And also the first asylum law of the country passed.
  • It fits the criteria of 1951.
  • And under rules, the OfR accepts applications for asylum and performs investigations.
  • And also acts for a first-level cooperative decision-making body.
  • Dismissed Syrian refugees have the option to challenge to theNational Refugee.

Asylum seekers are obliged to cooperate in the asylum procedure with the Directorate for Asylum, by:

  • Providing true and accurate information.
  • To present themselves according to official requests to the Asylum Directorate.
  • Presentation of all identity documents in its possession.
  • Also Informing on any address update.

The Asylum Directorate deal with the asylum seeker in the exercise of their rights. Because the moment they apply for asylum in Albania asylum seekers has the right to the following rights:

(A) From the time the user requests, refugee can not be returned to his her country.  
b) Social aid to the same degree as the people of Albania 
C) Hospitality in Nation.
D)Help through asylum hearings by a competent interpreter;

E) Free legal help by a defense lawyer or a refugee expert;
F) Communicate UNHCR at any time.