apply for asylum in Denmark

How To Apply For Asylum In Denmark?

If you want to apply for asylum in Denmark than you should be present in Denmark. Denmark is open to any foreign national who wants to submit an application for asylum. But, you can’t apply if you are in a country other than Denmark. What’s the most positive point is that you can still apply for asylum regardless of whether you entered Denmark illegally or have a residence permit or visa. Isn’t it cool? We will see in more details about the whole process.

How To Apply For Asylum In Denmark?

There are two ways in which you can apply for asylum in Denmark:

  • The first way is just to go to the police station in Denmark. You can choose anyone which is near to you. After, going there tell them about your reason to apply for asylum. 
  • The second way is by visiting the Centre of Sandholm. The Center Sandholm (Sandholm), is an institution, especially for asylum seekers. It is government centre and you can find the exact address below. 

 Location: Sandholmgårdsvej 40, 3460 Birkerød (Denmark)

 Visiting Hours: 8 AM -5 PM (Monday-Thursday)

Phone+45 35 27 99 00 

In case you are applying for asylum in writing than you have to appear in person at a police station. You can choose the nearest police station or can visit entre Sandholm.

There you have to fill the registration form. Also, You have to get yourself photographed. Your fingerprint will be taken by the police as your identification record.
After all the registration process. You will get accommodation at an asylum centre. Also, the Immigration Service will begin processing your application as soon as they can.

What happens once you fill the form?

After you fill the asylum and submit with the police, you will have to complete an application for asylum. Also, you have to appear for an interview at the Immigration Service. In the interview, you have to explain why you are seeking asylum in Denmark. You must tell the true reason.

As the first interview with the Immigration Service is completely to determine your purpose for seeking asylum. In the interview, they will try to fetch additional information about you. However, some say you don’t have to wait much longer for the interview. As. it will typically take place shortly after you have been registered as an asylum seeker in Denmark. The aim of the interview is to determine your identity, route of travel and reason for applying for asylum.