How to apply for Asylum in Mexico

If you are afraid to return to your country because your life is in danger, you can request protection as a refugee. 

The legal challenges within Mexico’s asylum system, cannot replace the U.S. role in protection. However, Mexico may offer better options for certain refugees who cannot find international protection in the U.S… A better understanding of the Mexican asylum system may help clients who are deciding where to seek asylum. On this website, you can find out about the process to apply for Asylum or protection in Mexico.

This website, created by UNHCR, to provide information to refugees in Mexico.

What is the process to apply for asylum in Mexico?


● COMAR: Mexico’s asylum commission. Refugiados

● INM: Mexico’s immigration institution.

Petition: These asylum petition submitted to either COMAR or INM. COMAR handles the process and its staff is being taught in asylum practice. INM acts as a conciliator in many parts of the country without COMAR offices.

Documentation: Upon application, an asylum seeker must be issued a constancia. This document proves legal status and protects asylum against deportation. It should be immediately but may take weeks because of administrative delays.

Consideration: Under the law, COMAR has 45- 90 working days to make a decision. But, COMAR has said that all cases are exceptional and thus subject to the 90-day deadline. This deadline is generally missed. So, consideration can now take 6 months to a year.

Interview: Generally COMAR interviews with asylum seekers. The applicant may bring an advocate but is not provided with one. An advocate can help for the interview, compile evidence, and country of origin information. Also, ensure the interviewer conducts a thorough and compliant interview.

Decision: COMAR is must required to issue a well-reasoned, written decision, the justification for a grant. If asylum granted, the person becomes a permanent resident. Denials subjected to judicial review.

Take into account that during the refugee status recognition procedure you must:

  • Remain in the state where you applied. If you want to go to a different state, you must request authorization from COMAR. Yet, if you move without authorization, then your case considered as rejected.
  • Go weekly to the COMAR offices to sign proof that you remain in the state.
  • Attend all the interviews taken by COMAR.
  • In this way, one can apply for Asylum in Mexico.

If you wish, you can ask the UN Refugee Agency in Mexico for guidance at 01 800 226 87 69 or by email: