How To Apply For Mexico Visa?

Mexico is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and also recognized as the U. M. S… People visit their sunny beaches or ancient historical sites from all over the world. Besides, cultural events, architecture, and natural beauty make it so much more than a place to go. Though, depending on your nationality, you may need to apply for a Mexico visa in advance if you wish to visit Mexico. Let’s take a description about how To Apply For Mexico Visa?

Who Wants Visa to Mexico?

Not everyone has to apply for a visa. There is a list of countries whose citizens can go to Mexico for stays of up to 180 days without a visa. This includes the US, European Union member states, and the EFTA, Canada, Australia, etc. 

Mexico Visa Forms

  • There are three main types of Mexico Visas, depending on the length of your stay. Mexico Tourist Visas, granted for a limited period up to 180 days. These given to foreign nationals, requiring a visa to enter Mexico for travel or any other reason that does not must jobs.
  •  Temporary resident visa granted to foreign nationals wishing to migrate to Mexico. This for a period longer than six months but less than four years. Temporary permanent visas are further broken down into:
  •  Student Visa
  •  Job Visa 
  • Family Visa 
  • Mexico Permanent Resident

 Given to foreign nationals who wish to live in Mexico. This form of visa is most common for retirees living with an independent income in Mexico. Foreigners with strong family connections to Mexico as well as those who have lived in Mexico for at least four years as a temporary resident are eligible for permanent residency in Mexico too.

Where Can You Apply for a Mexico Visa?

In a Mexican embassy abroad you can apply for a visa to Mexico. But, if you are from Turkey, Russia, you might be entitled through the Electronic Travel Authorization to get a Mexican Tourist Visa online.

How to apply for a Visa to Mexico?

You must apply for a visa to Mexico at your country’s Mexican embassy (or the one nearest to you). 

  • Call the Mexican Embassy to set up an appointment
  • Complete the Mexico Visa Application Form
  • Collect the necessary documentation
  • Apply the application and pay the fee.

Fill in the Mexico Visa Application.

The application form will found on the Mexico Embassy website where you will be applying.

After submitting the document, you will get your application form the embassy. After you have printed it, you can either complete the form by typing it on your machine, then print it or write it with legible typed letters. The first choice may not always be available so please follow the form or embassy instructions.

Provide the necessary documentation When applying for a Mexico visa, you must have many supporting documents, such as

  •  Mexico Visa Application Form
  • Your passport (or another travel document) that is valid for at least another six months and has blank pages to add the visa to 
  • Passport size photo
  • Evidence of adequate financial means to fund the duration of your stay
  • Booke.

You must answer questions such as:

  • Your name, birthday, sex, and birthplace
  •  Passport details
  •  Marital status
  •  Country of house and address
  •  Details about your job/profession 
  • Questions about the intention of travelling to Mexico After completing the application form for a Mexico visa, you must sign it.
  • If the applicant is a minor the documents signed by his / her parents.

How Much is a Mexico Visa Fee?

For Mexico, a visa fee is about $36.

But, the visa fee may vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for, and the country you are applying for.

The mode of payment often varies from country to country, as some may allow you to pay in advance the bank while others may ask you to pay in cash. You’ll still have to pay for the Tourist Passport, which can range from $15-$30, too. Prices for a Mexico Tourist Card can sometimes alter also.

Visa Processing Time: You will need to review the Mexico Embassy website where you are applying. Also, you can know how long your visa can take to process.

That’s because not all embassies operate at the same rate, so although you may be able to process your visa within 2 working days, it can take another 10 working days. In fact, some embassies suggest that you arrange your rendezvous at least four weeks before your journey.

What is Mexico Visa’s Duration?

The duration of a visa to Mexico depends on what sort of visa you have. The duration of a tourist visa to Mexico is not more than 180 days. So this is all about how you can apply for Mexico visa.