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Norway Visa Process

Norway Visa Application Process

Planning a trip to Norway, so for the very first step, you need to apply for the visa. There are different types of visas that you may apply for. The type of visa you need depends upon the purpose of visit or travel to Norway. Your purpose of travel may be a holiday trip, a business trip or you are going to study. There is a different type of visa needed for different visits. You need to apply for the Norwegian Schengen Visa, according to your travel needs.

Required documents for the Norway visa Application:

  • Passport: It is the most essential thing which you need for the visa application. Make sure that your passport is original valid for a tenure of at least three months from your return date. You need to get your passport photocopied to submit it with the application form. The other important thing to remember that your passport must have at least two blank pages.
  • Passport Sized-photo: Make sure that you have the latest passport-sized photograph. The photograph is an essential part of the visa, so make it look clear and must be with a white background.
  • Application Form: In the very first step, you need to fill out the application form completely. You can use any of the methods to fill the form online or by getting a copy of the form. Here you can get the application form.
  • Flight Reservation: You need to get your going and return ticket confirmed. You need to get your reserved tickets for both entry and exit before applying for the visa.
  • Travel Insurance: An insurance confirmation of having coverage of around 40,000€. This insurance must be valid in entire Norway and the Schengen area.
  • Family Details: Need to clarify your whole family details. These details include your marital status, child details, and other required details. All these details proof are also needed (like marriage certificate, childbirth certificate).

There are other things which needed as well in different cases.  

If employed:

  • Employment contract
  • Bank statement of the last 6 months
  • No-objection certificate from the employer
  • Proof of your salary or Income Tax Return (ITR)

If self-employed:

  • A copy of your business license
  • Bank statement of your firm’s current bank account for the latest 6 months
  • Income Tax Return (ITR)

If a student:

  • Proof of enrollment
  • Leave approval letter from school or university

If retired:

  • Pension statement of the latest 6 months

If applicable:

  • Proof of income generated through the property for the latest six months.

*NOTE: The application form needs to be signed. All the above-specified mandatory documents (applicable ones) must attach to the application. You need to submit these documents to your nearest or appropriate embassy/consulate.

You may need to submit some other documents besides the specified ones as well. These documents will depend on your type of visa you are applying for. You may check for the additional documents required here.