How to apply for Thailand Visa?

The Government of the Kingdom of Thailand has launched a Thailand eVisa on arrival online to speed up the visa approval process. The Thailand Online Visa is an electronic travel authorization designed to allow citizens of qualifying countries to enter Thailand for tourism purposes in particular. So let’s take a brief description of How to apply for Thailand Visa?

Thailand eVisa on Request to Arrival Online

1. Fill the application for a visa to Thailand.

2. Merge Thai eVisa Payment

3. Receive eVisa in Thailand approved

Thailand eVisa Process Information:

The application process for a visa in Thailand designed to be as simple and easy to complete. Candidates must have to enter their contact information. Besides, passport information and answer questions related to protection also required. Importantly, applicants need a passport to receive the eVisa, which must be valid for at least 30 days. In addition, with an entry stamp and one page of the passport.

Applying for the Thai eVisa is a easy process:

  • Pay Electronic Visa fee upon arrival.
  • Download pre-approved eVoa.
  • Please submit personal details in an online application 

To get your Thailand eVisa on arrival you will need:

  •  Valid passport.
  • 15-day airline departure and return tickets.
  • Check bookings for Thailand accommodation 

Upon arrival in Thailand you will need:

  • Airline arrival and return tickets within 15 days
  • Confirmed reservation of accommodation in Thailand. 
  • Airline till 
  • Your entry pass with one blank tab.

Thailand Visa Request Form

  • Thailand’s online visa application for the Thailand eVOA is a simple type too. The applicants must supply their personal details, passport information and travel plans. Besides, certain safety-related questions need to answer.
  • At the same time, it allows each applicant to include their full name, date, and place of birth with accuracy. We must include the passport number and the date on which that document issued and expired. Also, the traveler must use a passport with the least validity of 30 days from the expected arrival date. 
  • Replying to all the questions in the Thailand visa application form would be key. Also, enter proper information, because any inaccurate information may have a negative impact.
  • In addition, citizens of qualifying countries also need to fulfill other visa requirements for Thailand. Besides to completing the online Thai visa application form.

The Thai eVOA, applicants will need a valid passport from an appropriate country. Also, have a credit or debit card to pay the eVisa charge. Provide email address information to collect the Thailand eVisa upon arrival.

 When accepted, the eVOA grants the holder a stay in the country of up to 15 days. This online procedure for Thai visa applications is for residents of qualifying countries for the short term.

  •  Phuket – Phuket International Airport – HKT –
  • Bangkok – Don Müang International Airport – DMK –
  • Chiang Mai – Chiang Mai International Airport – CNX
  • However, Thailand’s online visa application is valid for entry via approved international airports. The online application is valid for recognized international airports. Thus, I hope by reading this article people of qualifying countries would be able to know how to apply for a Thailand visa.


If you are in Thailand and afraid of the prosecution you may apply for asylum or protection. In the very first step, you need to go to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). UNHCR has its office in Thailand’s capital Bangkok. Asylum Access Thailand (AAT) is an agency which also helps refugees. This agency helps refugees coming from different countries. The AAT works with the government to help the citizens get refugee status.