How To Apply For the Chile visa application?

Apply For Visa In Chile-

You need to know for which purpose you need to Apply for the chile visa application. You can also give a call on 044716270(#5) or If yes, follow the instructions below.

Steps For Applying Visa-

  1. Visit
  2. Click On The English Or Any Language Option.
  3. Then Select VISA over there.
  • They need to Stamp your Visa.
  • So, when the visa is ready.
  • You are required to courier Your passport.
  • And Once your Visa stamped there.
  • You also need to enter the country within 90 days.
  • You can also plan for that.
  • Because you need to apply 30 to 60 days before your travel date.

Documents Required

1- Cover Letter-
  • Include your personal information.
  • And also the purposes of your trip to Chile. 
  • Please include your full name.
  • And also contact individual telephone numbers in Chile, if applicable. 

It’s not a List of the given documents. It is an informative Message By You.


2- Passport and Visa.

The passport is valid for at least six months after your departure.

3.- Passport Size Photograph.

 The photograph must be recent. And also should be clear a photo with a white background.

4- Application form.

The application form should type in English only.

5- Personal Detailed form.

6- An invitation from a Chilean citizen or a company.
7-Proof of funds.

That lets you and protect during the stay in Chile. This could be the last declaration of balance or the last slip of payment.

8- Booked Flight Proof

9- Hotel Bookings Or Booked Accompanied in chile.

  • Give information about your stay in Chile.
  • If you live with a relative, then you only need the signed note as proof of your stay.

Please note:

  • Giving above the information requested does not mean you will get a visa.
  • May request more information during the application process.
  • Once we have your visa signed.
  • we will arrange the processing of your visa and the documents that you will sign.
  • Once your visa has issued we will address this matter.


  • Fees may vary.
  • It depends upon the applicant’s citizenship and visa form.
  • When your visa has issued, you get an email with bank details.
  • The fee can only charged on receipt of a visa, not before.