How To Apply For Visa For Albania? Know Here!

The “Request for a Visa” is an electronic service. That is allowing foreign people to apply for a visa. And also need the visa to available at the Embassy or Consulate. After all confirmation processes have carried out, the application approved. And also the applicant must follow protocols for the payment. And then return all required paperwork uploaded during the request. Know Here How To Apply Visa For Albania.

Documents Required For Visa For Albania

  • The visa application form must submit.
  • One passport-sized photograph
  • That is no longer than six months from the date of request.
  • Photocopy of a valid travel document.
  •  Traveling health insurance
  •  For children under the age of 18: a declaration indicating the child’s parent or legal guardian
  • An invitation from the host.

What is the Best Time to Apply?

  • The best time to apply for visa to Albania is 1-2 months prior to your travel date.
  • Even so, if you really are low of time.
  • There is also an option at the Embassy, to manage your visa on better delivery.

Types Of Visas-

Visa Form “C” –

  • A short-term visa is given to foreigners who wish to join the Republic of Albania.
  • And are also allowed to remain for the most duration.
  • That is of 90 days from a period of 180 days, from their first entry date.
  • This form of visa is issued with one, two, or more entries.

Visa Type “D” –

  • A long-term visa is given to foreigners.
  • Who wish to remain in Albania for more than 90 days.
  • Within 180 days and also to foreign nationals.
  • Who may also wish to obtain a Residency Permit after entering the Republic of Albania.
  • This form of visa is granted on one, two, or more entries.
Excluded from presenting themselves in person 
at the Albanian Embassy or Consulate: 

— Diplomatic 
passport holders; 


— Situations 
related to humanity; 


— High-ranking officials (personalities), their accompanying 
spouses and accompanying official visiting delegations; 


— visitor with royal title and 
other Royal Family members on official visits; 


— Foreigners grouped 
into groups of tourists; 


— Foreigners who have applied for visa