How To Apply For Visa For Turkey? Check Here!

The visa application process is not complicated all the time. You can apply Visa For Turkey with ease. Here you know about how to apply For Visa For Turkey. Because of all sorts of applications made through the Sticker Visa PreApplicationSystem.
The applicants upload the data needed for visa applications to the system.

Visa forms issued by Turkey are:

(a) The Tourist Visit
(b) Single Transit
(c) The Double Transit
(d) Business Meeting
(e)The Conference/Seminar
(f) Festival
(g) The Cultural Event
(i) Official Visit
(j) Visit the Turkish Republic.
(a) Job assigned
(b) Courier
(a) Internship Visa
(c) Internship AISEC
(d) Turkish Language Course Purpose
(e) Course Purpose
(f) Education Aim
(g) Education in the Northern Republic of Turkey
(a) Work Purpose Special Work Purpose
(b) Assigned Readers Academics 
(c) Assigned Readers 
(d) Assigned Readers 
(e) Assigned Readers
(f) Assigned Readers 
(g) Assigned Readers 
Travel document with an expiry date of at least 60 days after their visa and e-Visa.
  • The Turkey Visa Application Form is easily accessible.
  •  The applicant should properly fill in the form.
  • And sign the form with accurate details.
  • Then the completed form should be deposited at the nearest Centre.
  • You should submit it along with the visa.
  • Processing fee
  • Documentation.
  • After the visa is issued, the applicant can collect it.
  • Or it couriered from the center.
Things to note-
The Visa processing time is 3 working days.
It is from the date the embassy applies.
  • Tourist Visa –
  • If an application to apply for a Tourist Visa is issued.
  • It should include-
  • The person’s Identification Number
  • valid name
  • invitee list
  • permanent address
  • contact number
  • duration


  • Transportation Visa
  • A multiple entry visa valid.
  • That is valid for at least a year.


For applying to a  Turkey Visa-

You require to submit the following documents in hard copies –

  • Form for Visa application.
  • That is filled in and signed in. 
  • Two photographs in the passport. 
  • A passport that is valid for at least months 
  • Two copies of the passport’s first and final page scanned. 
  • If you are self-employed-
  • A cover letter with the company seal.
  • Authorization letter of the applicant,
  • If the application is submitted by a Travel Agent.
  • It requires a Photo ID of the travel agent also.
  • If the cover letter is on the company letterhead.
  • You need copy of the initially approved certificate.
  • When you own a company.
  • You require the certificate of incorporation.

Additional Documents

  • You may also need-A consent form for minors.

  • If traveling alone or accompanied by an adult.

  • The NOC must be on a stamp paper.
  • That must contain images of both.
  • The minors and the parent.
  • The paper requires polarization.
  • Travel insurance for all medical costs.
  • For relocation,
  • That cover daily compensation.
  • Along with personal accidental
  • The insurance should cover a total of 30.000 Euros for the ex-pat.

So above is the information for applying visa for Turkey. 

Read the above details carefully before applying for the visa.