how to find a good job in calgary?

how to find a good job in calgary?

Travel west, youthful job seeker, and you’ll almost certainly end yourself in Calgary. Calgary has one of the fastest-growing economies in Canada, and with good cause. With 136,000 net new jobs added between 2010 and 2018, this is a benefit to job hunters. It is also one of the fastest-growing employment rates in the country.
Qualified job seekers can find work in Calgary, and not just in the adjacent oil fields and allied businesses. Several industries and businesses have made the city their home in Western Canada, and they are seeking the right projects to propel them forward.

Working for the City of Calgary is a rewarding experience.

Calgary is a major metropolis, with a population of more than 1.2 million people in the city itself and even more in the Calgary Metropolitan Area. The municipal city government employs a huge number of workers to provide various services to inhabitants due to the vast number of residents, businesses, and institutions. On the official city job portal, you can find openings in a variety of disciplines, from HR and legal to administrative and technical services.

Pathways to School and Education

  • Getting an education and acquiring certificates, diplomas, and degrees in your chosen sector can lead to a wide range of job options.
  • Calgary is home to a number of well-known and well-respected post-secondary schools that annually draw thousands of new students.
  • The University of Calgary, for example, is one of the country’s top research institutes, particularly in engineering and geosciences, and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, which provides hands-on technical training and is one of Alberta’s top employers.

These institutes offer co-op and career enhancement programs aimed at assisting students and graduates in finding work in Calgary and establishing successful professional careers. It is feasible to obtain a solid education that will put you in touch with leaders in your area, allowing you to form connections and learn about new job chances.


In addition to the traditional energy behemoths, Calgary is home to the offices of a number of firms pioneering renewable energy technology, including Canadian Natural Resources, Eguana Technologies, BluEarth Renewals, and others. These businesses are beginning on large-scale projects aimed at transitioning to renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. GreenGate Power, based in Calgary, is installing 1.5 million solar panels that will power over 100,000 households, and they require competent workers to complete the project.