How to find a Job In Afghanistan

Afghanistan which is also known as the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. It’s a landlocked country located in Southern Asia. The majority of the population in the nation currently youth. Youth makes up almost 40 percent of the total population in Afghanistan. Work and Employment in Afghanistan are much to a satisfactory level. The employment rate in Afghanistan is almost between eighty to ninety percent. There are many job opportunities for you in Afghanistan in many different fields.

Most of the population of Afghanistan is indulge in the agriculture business. There are many other jobs which are very much in demand as well. Skills related to telecom, computers, production are also in demand. There are several online agencies that will help you to get your job in the nation. Most of the agencies have tie-ups with different companies for hiring. Most of the jobs are available in the capital city Kabul. You need to get prepared with all the required documents. You may need to submit your resume for the initial hiring process for every company.

Some of the popular sites in Afghanistan where you can search for the new Job:

Indeed: Indeed is the largest and the leading online international job searching website. Indeed has more than thousands of jobs listed on their portal. There are openings from almost every company which has job openings.

TipTopJob: The TipTopJob is also an international job searching website. It is also one of the largest online websites for finding a job in Afghanistan. Employers can also post the job requirements on TipTopJob, for every job ranging from clerk to manager.

Bayt: Bayt is also an online portal to search for jobs. The site has some of the very good and the important features which benefit the job seeker most. The site has a very simple and user-friendly interface. It also has features like resume building, job alerts, and many other useful features

UNDP Afghanistan: The UNDP is known as the United Nations Development Program. This agency helps the locals who are seeking the best job opportunity. UNDP is an online as well as offline job searching portal to search for jobs. Most of the jobs from UNDO related to United Nations work, and they provide a lot of incentives with work. They give a place to live, health facilities benefit, automobile, and other essentials. A UN job is also one of the best jobs available in the market.