How To Find A Job In Hong-Kong

Hongkong is a beautiful and vibrant city and if you are planning to visit Hong Kong than first you should check the visa requirements and then you need a job. It is an attractive place to start or advance your career as the taxes are very low and the pay scale is also good. Here are some tips that how can you find a job in Hong-kong. 

Step1: Learn Mandarin or Cantonese

Although English is a universal language and yes, it is also widely language in Hong Kong but there are many jobs in Hongkong that often require an applicant to be fluent in Mandarin or Cantonese. 

Step2: Find A Job on a visitor visa 

Yes, some courageous ex-pats do this thing as with a visitor visa you can stay in Hong Kong for 90 days (6 months for UK nationals) but this is not a good option. 

Step3: Get transfer from your office to their branch office in Hong Kong

If your office has a branch in Hong Kong than it will be the easiest and best way to get work in Hongkong.

How To Find Work In HongKong

English teaching is one of the best options as teaching is highly paid and a respectful. But yes you need good qualifications to teach English a TEFL or an ILETS score is important and you must have a good score. 

You can use recruitment agencies, online sources, classifieds, and ex-pat associations to find a job although many jobs are found through social networking sites like Facebook groups and Instagram. 

Some Useful Websites


There are many resources through which you can easily find the posted jobs. One way is through the online job providing sites like indeedglassdoor, and quicker. There you can find many jobs from lower basic pay to higher pay jobs are posted there. But yes, you must be very careful while you apply through online job portals as the incidence of fraud is very common. 

Offline Mode: 


If you are not at all an Online person than you can check the daily newspaper, as many vacancies have been posted in the newspaper too. But yes you don’t need to search in between papers and mark with the pencil the jobs as nowadays the newspaper is also available online for that you can check the SCMP’s Hong KongHK NEWs.  Hope by reading this article you are able to find job in Hong-kong.