How to find a job in the UAE, United Arab Emirates?

You are planning to move to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and therefore you are looking for jobs.
The most popular jobs are data mining, international relations, web design, and User Interface (UI) design.
So if you’re sure to work in the UAE this guide will help you. I show you the steps here about how to get the right visa and where to look for jobs.

Apply for a working visa 

You will need a work visa to find a job in UAE. But if already you got a job in the UAE, with a company or else, then a working visa is pretty easy to get.
Therefore, the first thing you want to do, it’s to find some work and then you worry about what you need to do for a visa. 
For more information about visas check this article about requirements for a UAE visa

Jobs in UAE

I’m going to list here the different options one can look into to find a job in the United Arab Emirates. I’m going to focus on what you can get online from abroad when you are not already in the UAE. 

Register on job portals

You look into job seekers’ portals, that is authoritative websites about searching for work in the UAE, or the region around. These kinds of websites normally have hundreds of listings from different organizations working in the country. 
You can register for a free account on these websites. It can be long and tedious because you might need to provide login details for each one of the job websites you want to use.
After you sign, you want to keep looking for vacancies and keep up with the schedule of the new vacancies coming in. Sometimes,  you will even have to pay a fee to some job agency or career site.
Hob portals come in two flavors, in the UAE: government job portals and private job portals. 

Government job portals 

Federal Government job portal 
It is a federal authority for government human resources. You can create an account on the portal. Then upload your CV and apply for jobs. 

Tawteen Gate (For UAE nationals only) 
The Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation(MoHRE) runs this portal. It provides a seamless, accessible, and smart e-platform to help you find your job.

Electronic platform – ‘Virtual Job Market’  
The Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation(MoHRE) runs this portal. MOHRE has introduced a new edition of their online portal ‘Virtual Labor Market’. To encourage job seekers to submit their CVs and build their files both within and outside the UAE.

Abu Dhabi Government job portal
This service is only available for the unemployed U.A.E national Job Seekers. They should register at the HRA database.

Dubai Careers
It is a Dubai government job portal and app. You will be able to access, search and apply for jobs from 45+ entities and much more.

Recruitment platform for people of determination – Ministry of Community Development.

Private job portals 

Bayt is the Middle East (West Asia) and North Africa’s leading work portal. It links employment seekers with companies seeking to recruit.

It is an online marketplace to attract top talent from companies. And to find their dream career for work seekers. This platform has used been by thousands of job-seekers from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and more. 

Monster is a worldwide job website. This is an online work tool for job hunters in . 

Gulf News Careers  
The Gulf News is the rising news channel in the UAE. Also, the number 1 selling English language newspaper in the Middle East. It has a daily circulation of over 100,000.

Search at online job fairs

A lot of job fairs are happening regularly in the UAE. Often they are particularly useful for fresh students. It helps them to concentrate on the field in which they will be establishing a career. And Career fairs also offer work-seekers.

Also, some of the job fairs in the UAE are:

  1. eFair – online job fair in Abu Dhabi. 
  2. Careers UAE: It is only for UAE national.
  3. National Career Exhibition

The National Career Showcase is one of the university’s respected career activities. It provides national students with the best training and job opportunities.

Online and Print Media also list work vacancies

All the newspapers have a listing tab for vacancies. The jobs vacancies get published in both online and print media. In the UAE newspapers published in a variety of languages. English and Arabic are the commonly used languages.

Below are the links to some of the UAE ‘s English newspapers section on classifieds:

This is the main website for UAE users of the classifieds. Dubizzle is a corporation called OLX: OLX is the world’s largest brand of classifieds.

Waseet is one of the most popular websites that specialize in classified ads. That allows users to search for their needs or offer them for sale on the Internet. 

If you are looking for a job from outside the UAE. You can search for jobs in the ‘overseas jobs’ or similar section in the newspapers of your country.

Recruitment agencies

You should give your CV to UAE recruiting agencies which are approved. The department will contact you in case your credentials and preferences open up a job.

Ministry of HRE grants licenses of recruitment agencies to UAE citizens only. 

Job seekers are not required to pay money to any recruitment agency. As the onus to pay such fees lies with the employers.

You can refer to the ministry to check for licensed companies or raise a complaint if needed.

Useful links:

Look through websites

You can also look through the careers pages. On the careers section of websites of organisations, you wish to join.

Federal and local government entities announce job vacancies on their websites. You can apply through their websites.

Useful links:

Create an account on professional networking websites

Job opportunities posted on professional networking websites such as LinkedIn. Which also offer networking opportunity. You can look for similar websites.

Read about Emiratisation and how UAE nationals can search for a job.

Tips on securing a job

  • Start with an excellent cover letter and a completely honest resume.
  • Stay updated on your CV.
  • Be vigilant and check periodically. Don’t give up on halfway.
  • Check the email ID you are receiving job opportunities from. It will represent the organization’s domain name.
  • Do not pay. When you are being approached by the recruiting company or the department for money its a trap. 
  • Learn to speak Arabic. It would be an asset to learn Arabic (at least)
  • Keep updated on your place of research.
  • Be practical concerning your earning ability.
  • Grow your grid.
  • Through your general awareness of the region and its social and cultural importance.

Useful links

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That’s all about Jobs In United Arab Emirates. 



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