How to find job in Lille?

How to find job in Lille?

Lille, in the north of France, is known as the city of French Flanders and has a long history in textile manufacturing and finance. Every year, it receives a huge number of ex-pats as a popular student city. The city used to be part of the Urban Community of Lille, which included Lomme, Lambersart, Roubaix, Tourcoing, and Villeneuve-d’Ascq. You will benefit from not only a dynamic and multicultural atmosphere but also a variety of professional chances by relocating there.

Lille’s most promising fields

To date, the most promising industries in Lille are commercial and personal services, which account for no less than 75% of the local economy. Take a look at the following promising areas:

  • Cleaning services are provided.
  • Upkeep is essential.
  • System/Network Administrators, Project Managers, and Developers in Information and Communication Technology
  • Animation is a term that refers to (animators and directors)
  • Construction
  • Industrial production
  • Catering and Hotels (kitchen staff, clerks, waiters)

Getting a job in Lille is a difficult task?

During your job hunt in Lille, the internet will be your most useful tool. Indeed, you may look through a variety of general and specialized employment websites (see links below), as well as professional social media sites like LinkedIn. You are also welcome to seek assistance from Lille’s Maison de l’Emploi or other employment agencies.

Some are:

Maison de l’Emploi Lille ‘ Lomme ‘ Hellemmes
La Voix Emploi
Nord-Pas-de-Calais Prefecture
Graduate Land

Why not send out ad hoc job applications (also known as candidacy spontanée) to organizations in the region that interest you? This is standard procedure in France; simply modify your CV and cover letter to the firm in question. If you have friends and contacts with whom you can network, word-of-mouth will also help.

Keep in mind that the local labor market has a dark side, particularly when it comes to small and medium businesses. In this instance, networking and social media will be your best friends; look for Facebook groups and online forums that may deal with more casual jobs.